2023 Apr 22 | Topanga Vintage market in LA with Lance and Sarah, Carrizo Plain flowers

Breakfast at the Hungry Fox.

Good to admit you can't beat Roscoe's.

Although I don't really want the chicken; just the waffles.

Intersection of Vanowen and Vanalden.

The Topanga Vintage Market.

Lots of old camera lenses.

Nice sculptures.

I like the bear with a fish.

Pictures of your iris.

Standard DSLR, although probably a macro lens.

Someone getting it done.

Lance and Sarah found this ornament they liked.

Chess boards.

It looks like there's orange juice in these glasses when there's not.

Old driveable toy cars.

A few food trucks.

Books and magazines.

Driving back home.

Ogii used a mask to protect some of her arm from the hot sun.

Lots of flowers in the hills.

This house is surrounded by yellow ones.

I liked when you could see all three colors at once: yellow, purple, and orange.

We stopped at an outlet mall. Sketchers no longer has the shoes I like.

Ogii looking at backpacks for her sister.

These are even nicer.

60% and another 15% off; that's pretty good.

The we detoured over to the Carrizo Plain to look at wildflowers there.

Some hills.

An old lake.

Starting to see lots of flowers and people.

Some purple ones, too.

You're not supposed to stand on the flowers, but some people still do.

More people doing the same.

This approximately mile of the road was covered in these little caterpillars.

One close up.

Ogii on front of some flowers.


More purple flowers here.

Close up on some.

The road was dirt and had some areas that were broken apart.

It was mostly people looking at flowers, but these seemed to be locals.

A little rest stop area.

With some portapotties.

Don't get stuck.

Ready to go again.

You'd drive for a few miles with almost no flowers, and then come to an area with a lot of them. This area had a large variety.


Yellow and white flowers.


Many different ones.

More worn road.

Good thing it's dry, because that's the road we're taking.

You have to squeeze over to the side to let other cars go by.

A ton of yellow flowers here.

It's like a sea of them.

One way through that area.

This road is closed.

Old structures.

Finally we came across what I wanted to see: the hills covered in the three different colors of flowers.

Another area with bathrooms.

Starting to get back to civilization.

And at least onto a highway.

Fun mailbox.

Bison just south of Paso Robles.

Another area of many flowers near town.

A house all alone at the top of the hill.

A little farmhouse below hills.



With a few babies.

This one in the middle jumped on his mother's back.