2008 Oct 11 | etc

I liked the combination of black and green with this outfit (she also had a green bracelet). I don't see too many neat clothing choices on campus, but this one stood out.

One of the major things I dislike about Houston is that the air isn't nearly as clean as in the San Francisco bay area. When I drive in, I can actually see how the smog is doing day-to-day.

There's a shower in a bathroom at UHCO. I'd never used this bathroom before, though, so I never knew about it. I wonder what other things are hidden around that I've never seen.

"Use handset to place order?" Uh, can't I just talk to them through the giant hole in the glass? How weird.

The UPS guy tried to drop of a package, but I wasn't at home, so he left a slip that said it needed a signature. I signed the back and wrote in to leave it at the office. The next day, I saw another slip. So I signed it and wrote the same thing on the back and also added Post-It asking to leave it at the office. Then he wrote that the office doesn't accept packages. The UPS customer service center where they leave packages is kind of on the way home from school if I take the local roads, but it's still a pain.

Dumb Google Maps. It said this was a Randall's.

The running loop at the nearby park is 1/3 mile. Well, I like running quarter and half miles. So...

...I eneded up walking all the way around while counting my steps, did some math, and then walked back from the beginning/end of the path the number of steps to where a 1/4 mile would be. I had estimated it before, but I had been about an 1/8th of a mile off.

"Better if used by Mar 2007." Well, it just says "better," not that using it after that date will be dangerous, right? Besides, it's only a year and a half after then; I'm sure that's nothing for dry batter.

This is the dumbest maze I've ever seen. First of all, you could just go straight up from the start to the finish without going through the maze itself at all. And second, when you do finish the maze, you're just back where you started. Isn't the whole point of a maze to get out?

I have a spot at the top of the middle knuckle on my right hand that stings a bit if I rub it. It feels kind of like a papercut, except it doesn't really hurt much at all, and I've had it for years. I wonder if it's messed up nerve wiring.

Honestly, that big of a package for a tiny thing like that? Surely FedEx has smaller packages somewhere. Thankfully this didn't have a signature required so he just left it outside my door.

The basement of a building at UH with tons of various furniture against the walls. I think they're remodeling or something because I didn't see any students down here. Some of the janitors were sitting in desks in the hallway eating their lunches. It can be fun to wander around places where they don't expect you to be; it's more revealing than when people are expecting you.

A Pizza Hut on campus is always just a giant mess of people trying to get napkins, straws, waiting for the type of pizza they ordered to get refilled, etc. You could probably walk up and grab free food every day without them ever noticing because it's so hectic.

You don't see US magazines with covers like this.

I came home and noticed the apartment smelled like candles or something. I couldn't figure out what it was until I opened the dishwasher and saw that this lid had fallen on the heating element at the bottom.

Some of the gift cards in the check-out line are labelled as the total amount you have to pay (like the American Express, $50 on the card plus $4.64 to get it), while others just have the price of the card and don't include the value on the card, like the Visa. Or maybe I missed a really great opportunity to get a $100 gift card for only a total of $5.44.