2023 May 21 | Monterey Bay FC soccer, Barn Daze at Rustique winery, vaccinations, movies

I needed some of these small glasses repair kits and couldn't find any. Thankfully this CVS had a box of them.

So many bugs.

All over the front of the car.

Not getting a very good score on the highway.

Someone in a parking lot backed into the front of the Prius. Thankfully the engine wasn't damaged.

Although the adaptive cruise control stopped working.

And then even the regular cruise control. Well, gonna have to fix that.

A lizard at Ogii's work had trouble walking on the floor; he slipped all over the place.

Pepsi and Coke in the same machine.

A short up to Inspiration Point.

With a nice rock bench at the top.

And a nice view of the city below the mountains.

Some flowers.

Getting to 100,000 in the Prius.

I bought Ogii some Hawaiian shirts.

And she bought herself some work clothes.

Baby geese.

Yellow bird.

I'm not sure how these spots got on two of my shirts, but I can't get them out.

We dressed in teal...

... since that's the home color of Monterey Bay F.C. soccer.

Some food trucks in the back.

We got some BBQ.

A fun fan.

It might be neat to reserve a private party.

We couldn't find out seats, and one of the staff said they must be the folding chairs in front. That's weird, especially as everyone just walks around us, but at least we're close.

A mariachi band before the game.

It was fun being close to the action.

A few clips. The fans were really fun.

Bright green truck.

Being very flexible can help in MMA. The guy is pulling on the other one's leg as hard as he can, and the one who is getting his leg pulled doesn't even seem bothered by it.

I ordered a bumper from the local Toyota dealership, but they couldn't put it on.

So we have to carry it around until we can get it into a body shop. Also, a couple of places we took it said there was more damage and it would be more expensive to fix. What a pain.

Rustique Wines had Barn Daze.

With pizza.


Soaps, snacks, and other items.

Pizza is done.

We ate and listened to the music.

And, of course, drank some wine.

All done.

It was very busy.

A list of the vendors.

Ogii's tentative plan for Mongolia.

Clouds in the hills.

I bought Ogii a new wooden purse.

Very classy.

This bush is starting to grow and touches the car when we back out of the garage.

Two bunnies.

Rows of crops.

A horse and donkey that hang out together on Ogii's drive to work.

Vultures hang out along the drive, too.

Ogii cleaned these bowls, and now they're very shiny.

We went to Walgreen's to get vaccines for the trip to Mongolia. They sell these multifocal reading glasses; that's neat.

Unfortunately our vaccines aren't covered.

Most were $100 to $200, but the rabies one was nearly $500. And it's not any cheaper anywhere else, according to GoodRx.

The CDC recommends it.

And we definitely better get it, because we might be quite aways from a hospital during some parts of the trip.

We each got three vaccines.

And will get some others when we come back in a week; we also need a second dose of the rabies then.

There are too many Star Wars series on Disney.

Someone was lazy cutting this pizza.

A spider.

And another one.

And a bunch of ants behind the fridge. It's definitely spring; all the bugs are coming out.

These remind us of The Fifth Element; big bada boom.

A bunny eating a flower.

Back to Walgreen's the next week for another round of shots.

We had to pay for the rabies again.

At least these didn't hurt as much as the first ones. After those, our shoulders hurt so much we had to sleep on our backs; after these, we could sleep on our sides.

This can't be good, right?

Nope. Not even going to bother watching it.

We went to watch the new Fast and Furious movie.

In the DBOX seats, which move with the action on the screen.

You can turn the vibrations up or down.

Although those lights were really bright, so I put a napkin over them.

I also dropped our food. The popcorn mostly spilled out, but we don't each much of that anyway, and the Milk Duds landed without spilling a single one.

Ogii doing a little shopping.

She doesn't like that my current tennis shoes have holes in them, so we found me some new ones.

They're very light, but there's basically no fabric in them; they seem to be entirely made of plastic / rubber.

Giving each other foot massages.

Another Hawaiian shirt.

The kitten is so cute.

Palm trees.

We drove to San Jose for another movie. They were having a car show here.


Lots of people have scraped against this post in the parking garage.

The gift shop at The Tech museum sells astronaut ice cream. But $10 for a tiny piece? That's crazy.

If you look hard, you can just make out Ogii above the IMAX letters.

I love when they show the speakers behind the screen.

Since it's a dome, the edges are very distorted, and you miss stuff that way off to the sides, but it's still a fun way to see a movie.

They validate for the Convention Center parking so it's only $5.

But we had to pay $17. I wonder if that's because they consider the car show next door a special event? Or maybe it's only valid for 4 hours, and we were parked for 4 hours and 1 minute? Or maybe the validation didn't work?