2023 May 26 | Hopland: Orr Hot Springs

Driving up to Hopland for the three-day weekend. Looks like great weather.

Flags on the bridge for Memorial Day.

Fog in the hills. There's one section to the right that sticks up.

A lot of hawks were floating around.

The traffic was quite good headed north, although it was pretty backed up going south. The only time we slowed down much was going by this area that had had a fire.

I love all the stuff on these people's lawn.

A chess license plate.

Gotta listen to the dance music station before we get too far away from the city and lose signal.

A doctor or nurse who loves camping?

Across the Golden Gate.

A couple of seaplanes.

Dark on the left, light on the right.

The entire roof is covered in plants.

Some very tall and some very wide palm trees.

I like the trees that arch down towards the ground and then go back up.

Dinner at Five Guys, where they always give you way too many fries.

Starting to see wine country.

Entering Hopland.

A pretty sunset across the hills.

No more internet out here.

Although lots of deer.

Hopefully we don't hit one since we don't have a phone signal.

We made it.

To Orr Hot Springs.

There's a central area, with check-in, surrounded by cabins and the springs to the south.

Ogii lying by a statue.

Some of the springs.

With private baths on this side.

Walking to our yurt.

Watch out for Bigfoot.

These people camped in their car.

We headed to the hot springs early in the morning.

The had two here.

I like this upper deck area.

With fancy faucets...

...on the tubs.

Looking down.

A stream on the other side.


Not sure if this means the minerals are currently at a good or bad amount, but it's neat that it's posted.

Ogii in the cool pool.

Me in the small warmer section.

Cool paintings of animals along the top edge.

A spider web in the jug.

A water sprayer with a frog statue.

Looking back at the big pool.

Little waterfall area.

There were lots of flowers around.



Purple and white.

Different shades of purple.


Not open yet.


Ogii under a little pergola.

There were also a few animals, including snails.

This one seemed to have lost its shell.

A bug.

There were paintings scattered around.





It's been around since 1858.

A Japanese garden.

All different kinds of tokens.

This yurt was covered in vegetation.

Flowers painted on the electrical boxes.

Stairs up to some yurts.

Ogii in front of our yurt.

Closer view.


Looking the other way.

Looking up.

The walls are really thick, and the yurts are fairly spread apart, so it was very quiet inside.

A little nap.

The main building had some musical instruments.

Neat table.

And some paintings.

One from the 1890s.

Another one.

100 years later.

There was a huge kitchen.

With plenty of appliances and utensils.

Someone made a good breakfast.

Ogii watching a cat watch a bird.

A moth.

Sitting on top of a path light.

Driving back to town, there are a few roads with a few homes on them.

Pretty hills.

With lots of fog.

Some deer as well.

Another deer crossing.

Ogii has to stay ready if she wants to get a picture of the deer.