2023 May 29 | Hopland: Sonoma Zipline Adventures and Treehouses

Up the next morning and walking to the Bluebird Cafe for breakfast, which is right beside the Golden Pig.

Which has a recognizable number.

Inside the cafe.

Nice hat.


I had French toast.

Ogii had an omelette.

We went to a few of those wineries yesterday.

Big rock.

Dogs riding in the back of a pickup.

Pretty wine fields.

On hills.

With a house.

Different types of trees.

Lots of palm trees.

Some dog statues.

No street hiring day labor. I guess they need those to pick the grapes.

Fun pirate sculpture.

It's Memorial Day weekend.

We ate lunch at the Union Hotel.

It's been around a long time.

A plaque with some info.

Great Italian food.


I downloaded the area in Google Maps because there's no signal farther from the highway.

We arrived at Sonoma Zipline Adventures and waited here for a truck to take us to the ziplines.

On the truck.

Fitting into our gear.

Looking up at a platform.

Looking down from a platform.

Beautiful views.

We only had six people in our group, which was nice; you didn't have to wait forever for a bunch of people.

Someone zipping behind us.

The people who made the ziplines are Christian, so there were Bible verses on each stop.

Ogii taking off.

A long ways down.

Us for perspective.

Stairs to get higher.

Ogii hugging a tree.

Stairs and a bridge above us.

On the bridge.

This one wasn't too long.

Although it did still slope down a bit in the middle.

Most of the trees had been cut down after the San Francisco earthquake, but a few old ones were still around.

Including Walter, a redwood.

And this Douglas fir.

An animal swimming in a pond.

Done ziplining for the day; we can take off our helmets.

Very green treen.

Quotes scattered on the path.

Another one.

We arrived at the treehouses.

Looking up at them.

No cell service, but they do have wifi.

Decent speed for being in the middle of nowhere.

Ogii outside our treehouse.

Us inside.

Appetizers waiting for us.

Some religious books.

An outdoor seating area.

A ladybug decoration.

Long ways down.

Long ways up.

They had these little signs...

... that told you how high you were.

A power box to charge phones, etc.

A heater and fan inside.

And a cassette toilet (which replaced the composting toilets they had before, which many guests had problems using).


With a jug of water.


Playing cards.


Looking up.

Ogii hugging the tree in the middle.

It started to sprinkle.

That's fine; we'll play cards.

I win.

They brought dinner.

Which started with a great salad.

And was followed by steak.

Ogii peeking in.

A little fairy door.

Throwing milk.

The treehouses are pretty high up from here.

They're all connected by walkways.

Enjoying some cocoa and popcorn in the evening.

They have a bucket of waters out here.

Big moon.

Ogii throwing milk.

The cover on the heater had fallen down in the middle of the night. I thought the noise when it hit the floor was a wire breaking and I was ready to evacuate until I saw this.

Bringing breakfast in the morning.

Some breadsticks.

And fruit.

And even more.

French toast.

With bacon, eggs, and potatoes.

Ogii helping to carry the drinks.

A bird outside.

Ogii watching it.

There are some things to find as a scavenger hunt. We already saw one lady bug and the fairy door.

And I remember seeing this frog.

More height plates.

It's higher here.

Another ladybug.

And another.

We put our luggage in tubs, which they drove to the beginning / end of the ziplines. Some were pretty heavy, so I helped her get them into the truck.

Then it was time to zipline again.

Ogii leaning back. Although she has a walkway to fall onto.

You need to do it over open air, like this.

Touching a tree behind me.

Long ways up.

Ready to leave the treehouses.

And onto the ziplines.

Getting hooked in. The guides were very fun and funny.

Looking down some stairs.

Us on them.

Us on another platform.

Everyone paying attention to a guide.

Beatiful background.

Sitting on the edge.

With our legs hanging off.

A longer rope bridge.

Down we go.

Ogii isn't scared.

Some other people getting ready below.

Rappelling down at the end.

A video of the ziplines and treehouses.

Afterwards you could buy some pictures they took.

They told you where the cameras were and you were supposed to pose.

Ogii looking relaxed.

And a bit more adventurous.

Me spread out.

On a bridge.

Ogii on the final rappel down.

And me, very relaxed.

You got a certificate afterwards.

On the drive home we saw a Geo Metro.

A sign for mother and baby deer crossing.

Four deer.

Including a mother and her fawn.