2023 Jun 18 | Janet Jackson and Ludacris concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre

Ogii making meatloaf.

A deer on the way to Ogii's work.

Amazon Drive is closing the end of this year. That's what I had all of my files backed up on, so I needed to find a replacement. There are a lot out there, but I went with iDrive because they will send you a physical hard drive to back all of your files onto. Without that, it would take forever to back up everything online.

Even with the physical drive, it still takes forever.

I have around five external hard drives, and they took a day or two each to back up onto the iDrive drive.

They raised the Coast Guard maximum enlistment age to 42, but I'm 43, so I guess that's no longer an option.

We do the Wordle during commercials during dinner.

Sometimes we do really well and get it before the first commercial break even ends.

Ogii thought of buying Dad license plates with his kids' names and titles on them. I thought of buying a cedar post to nail them to. Although I noticed one thing wrong.

Ogii got "NR" for "nurse" for mom.

So Ogii ordered a new license plate with that corrected. We also sent some licorice.

Me putting the license plates onto the post.

The post in their yard.

Some swallows.

They have babies.

A crow keeping an eye on them.


T-Mobile gives you free AppleTV and Netflix.

I bought some shiny red pants for the Virgin cruise, but they're way too long.

They seem to be made out of more like plastic than fabric, so it should be easy to cut them down to the correct length, especially as the edges are already a bit raggedy.


Over ten years since graduating. I wonder how all of my other classmates are doing?

Neat clouds.

I like downloading Google Maps of areas we might not have good service in, but Mongolia is way too big to download it all.

It seems that apps auto-update now. On our last phones, we had to manually update them.

Ogii's RAV4 hit 72222.

We drove to Shoreline Amphitheatre for Janet Jackson and Ludacris. Even getting there over two hours early, there was still a lot of traffic getting to the parking lots. A lot of people will actually park across the highway around Costco and walk a mile to the theater instead.

Which might not have been a bad idea, as the walkers were moving faster than the cars.

Google doesn't want you parking in their lot.

Cool building.

We got directed around the back of the parking lot onto this dirt road.

And parked at the end of a field.

Then a long line to get in, as they hadn't opened the gates yet.

The line winds down this way.

We could have taken this shortcut if we had know which way the line went.

A guy selling hot dogs.

We almost bought one, but the line was moving.

Now a mess as we merge with another line coming from the other direction.

Finally at the entrance.

There are a lot of food locations here.

Some food trucks.

More permanent restaurants.

And more trucks.

I got some chicken wings.

And a big pretzel.

Ogii got a bratwurst.

Ready to dig in.

That's a lot of garlic.

A little charging station. That's nice to have.

Making our way to the lawn, which was already crowded.

I wonder if she actually went to the 1990 world tour.

Carrying lots of drinks.

Ludacris came out first.

The women in front of us were really dancing.

The lawn is packed.

I like his big arms costume.

These people put down lights by their blanket; that's fun.

The time for Janet.


Everying using their phones as lighters.

A video. I really liked Ludacris; Ogii really liked Janet.

Other concerts coming up.

Lots of hot dog vendors set up on the walk out.

It's a long field of cars.

The USGS is still streaming the volcano on YouTube.

The main cone looks even better now; there's more lava flowing out of it.

The bubbly areas on the ground are better, too. Although it's not quite worth it for us to fly there again. Gotta get some sleep before Mongolia, too.

Me cooking steak.

And fries and asparagus and garlic sourdough bread.

I had a few spots on the left side of my face, and freaked out, thinking it might be shingles. Although Mom said it could be bug bites, and that makes much more sense, as I stayed in a cheap hotel the past few days for work. Also, they look much more like bed bug bites than shingles.

Eating lunch at Gianni's Pizza in Monterey.

They've won best pizza in Monterey forever (the gold stars).

They have huge pizza and breadsticks.

With lots of toppings.

I haven't really played Diablo 2 much, but since Diablo 4 is coming out, I thought I'd check back into it. I didn't like Diablo 3, and 4 basically looks like 3, so I'm not going to play that, but I loved 2. Also, there's D2 Resurrected, with updated graphics and lots of small improvements. For example, there's this screen which tells you all of your stats, so you don't have to add it all up by yourself, especially magic find and faster cast rate.

There's also the Diablo Clone event. That's been around for a long time, but I don't think I ever did it. It used to be very hard to track because it would be divided up across multiple severs, so your chances of coming across it was very low, but now they've combined the servers, so it's not nearly as rare.

There are also some online tracker websites.

So you can see how far along it is.

I actually had him pop up in a game. I threw down a lot of health and mana potions.

And managed to beat him. The hardest part with my character was preventing him from healing; I had to smack him with a sword with prevent monster heal first, which is quite difficult with a sorceress. Then it was just running around in a circle, attacking him and dodging his attacks. I finally killed him, though.

And got an Annihilus small charm. It's not a very good one, but any one is better than none.

A newer mechanic that came with the Resurrected update is terror zones. These circulate every hour through different zones, and the monsters drop better items. Only a few zones are really good, but it's fun when one of those zones comes up.

The best one is Catacombs, as you can kill Andariel, the boss, for very good drops.

I got sunder charm, another new item. These only drop in terror zones, and will break immunities, which was a big problem for some characters before they were introduced.

Wait, what's a non-existent level? Is that a bug?

Checking on the Terror Zone Tracker website.

Ah, it's the secret cow level.