2023 Jun 23 | Mongolia, day 1 - flying

All our bags packed for Mongolia. Two carry-ons each and two checked each.

Since we're going to be gone three weeks, we had our mail held.

And unlocked our phones so we could use them over there. We can't permanently unlock them since they're under contract, but we can temporarily unlock them for a month for trips.

Ooh, the lava in Hawaii is still looking good.

Even a little bit better than when we saw it, although not too much better, and we don't have time to go back as we're headed to Mongolia instead.

Last meal before we leave; whatever random stuff we have in the fridge.

Ogii with all of the luggage.

Not too long of a line to drop of bags.

Some people were sending really big boxes.

There was a display of dinner sets from the 1960s to 1980s by various airlines. They each had very nice custom-made plates, cups, and utensils.

And really good food; this airline had a carving station.

The store looks like the Golden Gate Bridge girders.

Rose champagne with a purple bottle.

Nice art on the walls. You can tell how big it is by Ogii to the left.

Another one.

Expensive chocolate.

They had a blanket and pillows on the plane.

Also slippers and toothpaste / toothbrush.

Rather than sitting side-by-side, we sat front-to-back so we could both get a window seat to sleep since this flight was around ten hours.

Way easier than trying to sleep in the middle or aisle seat like the people beside me.

You could get the internet for $20.

But we slept the entire way, so we didn't need it. Ogii has snuck her feet into my seat.

A lot of planets were lined up, although they were just below the horizon.

We flew north around Alaska.


And morning stretches directed by the screen.

Everyone took part.

Lots of taekwondo people.

Playing a game for a few minutes.

Although it pauses for announcements.

We stopped in South Korea for a few hours. Pretty pictures.

Very early morning.

The bathrooms are easy to spot. Everyone around the world has the same basic symbols.

And American toilets here.

I'm not sure how much roaming charges would be.

But the airport has free wifi.

By some pretty flowers.

And some more.

We finally found a listing of which gate our next flight was.

We have to go over the the transfer area.

And wait in a bit of a line for them to scan our luggage.

They have cleaning robots.

Only a few chargers by the seats, but they have multiple outlet types.

Baby shark.

An area for sleeping and showering.

A food court upstairs.

They have Taco Bell and Burger King.

We ended up getting Korean.

Although we only got a tiny bit of beef.

A robot.

Which carries your luggage for you.

Baskin Robbins.

With mochi ice cream.

Dunkin Donuts.

With mochi donuts.

Old telephones; I wonder if they still work?

Smoking room.

Colorful structure.

And a reflective one.

About to get on the next flight.

Decent food on the plane.

This flight is much shorter, only a few hours.

Reading up a bit on basic Mongolian language.

Along with cultural tips.

Now we're in Mongolia. Same phone plan as in Korea; 5 GB of free data, but calls cost money.

Some wind turbines.

Some gers and lots of cars.

A single truck on a road.

Lots of sheep.

The airport.

I can't read the name, though, as it's in Cyrillic.

It's in English on this side, though.

And we're here.

A big welcome screen.

Now to see if we can get used to the 15-hour time difference and long days.