2008 Oct 26 | cooking, park

I cook mainly on the weekends and then eat the leftovers throughout the week. It gives me more time to study after school. Also, I have to be doing something else while cooking to stay efficient, which is usually watching a show or movie on my laptop (although not too close; I don't want splattered grease in the keys). On Sunday evenings, that means live streaming football.

I try to not get too mad at people who park right on the lines; after all, maybe the person on the other side of them parked really close and forced them over. But if you park here, you have no excuse. Grr.

I was sitting in the park and felt a little stinging on my arms. Apparently some ants had taken offense and were after me. I couldn't simply shake off the one who gave me this welt; he was really hanging on. I don't think I've had bumps from ant bites since I was 10 years old or so.

Around here they call them "tractor trailers," mainly when one jams up traffic somewhere. Thankfully Tennessee knows what the real name of a semi is.

Like I just said, they can jam up traffic.

Ah, undergrad was fun. I like to wander onto the rest of campus some times and see what's going on. Today some different organizations were having bake sales, so lunch was cheap.

Wait a second, is it supposed to stop like that? Or did they run out of concrete, time, money, or something?

This guy bikes to UHCO. I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable biking on a major road like this, especially with the number of harried students who woke up late and are trying to rush to class who also drive on it. Getting exercise and saving the environment is good, unless doing so ends up killing you.

I don't like these mini-carts because, to be honest, they're just not manly. I know that's incredibly stupid, but I can never get it out of the back of my mind. They are easier to maneuver around, though.

You have to be kidding me. Three bucks for a tinly little lemon?

Yeah, that's more like it.

The recipe said to insert slivers of fresh garlic and rosemary into holes poked with a fork, which sounded pretty easy. However, do you know how soft and bendy and difficult to jam into holes slivers of fresh garlic are?

This ice cream truck usually drives by the park I like to study/run at about once per day when I'm there. Most of the time only one or two people buy things, though, so I wonder where else he goes to find groups of kids.

Some new sidewalks they're putting in at the park. Curves are pretty, but they're so inefficient; I like walking straight. I know it saves me basically no useful time at all, but that's OCD for you.

In the center there are eight holes, and I can't figure out what they're for. I thought of lights, benches, plants, and water fountains, but the holes seem to be too close together for any of those. Just gonna have to wait and see.

This huge tree was taken down by the hurricane, and it looks like they're slowly chopping it up. I like how it tore a huge chunk of sod up with it; I would have guessed the roots would have snapped off instead.

This is the exit to the university from the south I take. Most people get in the far right lane, but every once in a while someone will stay in the left lane, which can also exit. But then the two lanes merge into one. So usually you don't have to worry about someone in the left lane potentially smashing into you because almost everyone follows the convention of being in the right lane, but every once in a while some "unique" individual ignores convention and exits in the left lane, so you still have to be wary of that possibility.

My dumb dishwasher almost always flips a glass or two upside down and fills them with water. They're too tall to fit on top and I haven't found a way to jam them into place, though, so I just deal with it.

One day the people in the apartment next to me where there, and the next day they were gone. And then the apartment was completely ripped apart. I'm guessing it had damage from the hurricane, but I don't know.

The roof must have been damaged, too, because the roofers got started at 8:30am on a day I was planning on sleeping in a little.

I guess Fiesta sells much smaller cereal boxes than Randall's, which I didn't notice until I got the box home. It's not just small, it's downright tiny.

Buying boxes at U-Haul centers are the bane of my existence. I get stuck in huge lines when I want just a single box. This guy wanted a truck. He claimed he had confirmed a 14-foot truck yesterday. The woman said he couldn't have; they only have 17-foot trucks available today. He again claims it was confirmed. She asks to see his receipt. He says it's at home (it sounded like he had started to say his daughter had made the confirmation, but then he realized that would weaken his story, so he didn't).

They stared at each other for a while until she said he could go somewhere else for a 14-foot truck or get a 17-foot truck. He wants the 17-foot truck for the 14-foot price because they made the mistake. Plus, the guy he had made the confirmation with barely spoke English. (Um, wouldn't that make you really want to bring your confirmation?)

She again said he could go somewhere else for a 14-foot truck or get a 17-foot truck. Finally she agrees to let him have a 17-foot truck for the price of a 14-footer but says he needs to have it back by 4pm because someone else has it reserved then. He says that might not be possible. Then they argue about mileage. Then the amount of gas to bring it back with. Then whether it comes with a free dolly.

Finally, she went and opened a second register and let me buy my $10 box on that while he was still playing around with the credit card machine on the first one, which was also taking forever for some reason. The woman behind me, who had been waiting nearly as long as I had, mentioned very energetically that she also only had a single box to buy, and perhaps she could use the second register as well.

Oh, and the woman working there sounded like the most indifferent person I've ever heard at a counter. Yeah, maybe you hate your job, your customers, and your co-workers, but fake at least a little bit of interest and concern. Next time I'm just throwing a $20 on the counter, telling them to keep the change, and walking out with my box.

What's the use of even having a spare tire if it's in this condition?

Oh, that's a nice parking job. I know parking can be tough to find some times, but come on; I guarantee you can find a spot somewhere, even if it's out on the street, within walking distance. I feel a tow request coming on.

Apparently Joe is really worried someone might steal his giant metal thing.

A costume shop I stopped at is right across the street from an abortion clinic. I wonder if that affects business at all. I'm all for free speech, but the protestors annoy me a bit, especially if you consider the opportunity cost of the situation. How many hours do they protest? Let's say four. And how many women's minds do they change? I'll be generous and say one. Instead, they could work at Wal-Mart or anywhere for four hours, make $20, send that to the third world via UNICEF or some other organization and save way more lives in the same amount of time. Plus, it looks like someone has to hire a cop or security guard to stand around and watch the protestors. If there weren't protestors, the guard could actually be doing something productive.

I wonder how well camouflage spray paint really works. And if it someone works well, I'm impressed by whomever designed it.