2023 Jun 25 | Mongolia, day 4 - north - Ogii's Dad's birthday at Tsogt's resort

That evening we went to Tsogt's resort for Ogii's father's 80th birthday.

Inside the main building.

Everyone was busy making food.

Ogii walking with her dad.

They're making food, too.

A bunch of yurts.

A little bridge.

Basketball court.

Fire pit.

Pretty flowers.

Big deck.

Inside a yurt. The wooden cabinet on the left was very popular; almost every family had one.

Ogii's uncle Nainaa and her grandfather made this table for her father's wedding. It's still working well.

They also made the wooden cabinet in the back. Making more food, too.


Stuffed wolf.

And bobcat.

Ogii with them.

Little bear.



A picture of Alan Gua and her five sons, who are mythologically the ancestors of the Mongol clans. She gave each sone an arrow, which they easily broke, but they could not break all five arrows held together, showing the power of them united.

The balloon we bought.

A chess set.

Putting out candy. We brought chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii.

And vodka from Lake Tahoe.

Exchanging snuff bottles.

Ogii doing it with her uncle.

Ogii's father and her uncle.

Lots of food.

Giving the gifts to her father.

All dressed up.

More of us.

Her father has some nice medals.

As does his girlfriend.

His belt.

Us in front of a heart.

The whole family.

Time to eat.

Serving drinks.

Ogii getting some.

Still going.

Good food.

Cooked in a big metal pot.

Ogii's father gave a toast.

A video of it.

Dishing up.

As guests, we were first to be served.

We got some big legs.

Ogii eating it all.

Tsogt serving drinks.


To me.

And to Ogii.

More toasts and singing.

More gifts.

More shots.

Ogii getting some.

Then time for some table tennis.

They weren't so good.

Oh, wait, that's only when they were playing us and taking it easy.

When they played each other, they were much better.

Some videos of table tennis.

Inside another yurt.

A turtle base.

Ogii giving out some gifts.


And more.

A bunch of birds in the sky; one bird dropped something.

And this cat grabbed it. Ah, it was a mouse.

Dog taking it easy.

A storm moving in.

Better get out of here before it rains.

Tsogt's antique shop in downtown.

Many nice items inside.

And antique yurt.

Old record.

A picture he gave Ogii.

Close up.

Behind that is another building. It used to be a cafe.

But no longer.

Now he's making another antique yurt.



Me with the woman.

Ogii with the man.

Tsogt let me pick an antique item as a gift, and I chose this plate.