2023 Jun 26 | Mongolia, day 5 - south - driving to Gobi Desert (Banki and Oyunaa drove us)

It was raining a bit in the morning when we packed up two cars to go south to the Gobi Desert.

I love the tall curved skyscraper.

Camel caravan statues.

Cool silver door.

Happy residence.

The building is outlined in light.

Big clouds.

Straight road.

Ooh, some camels!

Gotta get some pics of them.

Tourist van. No fancy logo; just a pice of paper.

There are lots of animals, but they aren't fenced in, so sometimes the cars have to wait for them to walk across the road.

A ton of animals in the field.

Some horses.

With a baby horse.

Each province has a big welcome arch.

My phone is telling me my camera lens is dirty.r

A little amusement park.

With a small Ferris wheel.

Seven 7, or maybe 7 Seven? Like a 7-Eleven.

Lots of small houses and yurts.

Bankhar dog.

Horse statue at a roundabout.

Stadium outside of town.

More animals in a field.

Road construction, so we have to go around.

The side road is basically a path through the field.

Just a bit of traffic going around the big trucks.

Some parts were very bumpy.

Back onto the highway.

Except there are a ton of potholes now.

Some really huge; we had to slow down to almost a stop to navigate around some.

This one was across the entire road.

It looks like the road construction workers are dealing with them, though. They cut out the asphalt...

... and then fill it in.

Many more repaired sections.

A yurt with a solar panel and a truck.

Waiting for sheep on the road.

A public bathroom.

Many animals.

Some camels.

And more.

These were close to the road.

Getting pictures of them.

Another province entrance.

Cool sculptures.

A few taller buildings going up.

The street lights have countdowns for when the red will end.

And the same for green.

Some of the taller buildings.

Now we're close to the southern border of Mongolia.

And in the Gobi Desert.

Restaurant, karaoke, and hotel.

Chicken and pizza.

There are a lot of restaurants according to Google Maps.

But many weren't really there. We had to ask some locals where we could eat, and they spoke Mongolian, so it would be hard to find food if you only spoke English.

A restaurant was in this multi-floor building.

All the way at the top. Although there wasn't any indication there was a restaurant there from the outside.

Great view.

They had a variety of food.

Nice sink.

I love Dalanzadgad.

Some yurts and cabins.

A video of some moments on our drive south.