2023 Jun 27 | Mongolia, day 6 - south - camping with camels in Gobi Desert

There are a few 10+ story buildings on the one part of town, but mostly not much over around five stories.

Grocery store.

Ogii mentioned that the State of Liberty indicates it should be a good store for Americans, but I'm so used to seeing the Statue of Liberty everywhere it didn't even occur to me that it was out of place here.

They're open fairly late.


They also sell appliances.

Frozen food section.

We pulled out into the desert a few miles north of town.

And set up camp.

We had a few tents.

The sun with a flower.

Across the road were some camels.

So we had to run and get sunset pictures with them.

Three in a row.

They didn't seem to mind us being there.

Everyone getting pictures.


One standing alone.

This guy was very hairy.

Monica getting a picture of him.

Sun setting.

All together.

If you're lower, you see more of the camel outlined against the sky.

Whereas if you're higher, most of them blends into the ground.

A few of them.

Monica getting some more pictures.

Walking back to camp.

Cooking and filling an air mattress.

Pork belly and beer.

Salting the pork belly.

It's so good.

Some karaoke.

Camp under the full moon.

Sunrise and sunset are nearly 90 degrees from each other.

Everybody smile. Oh, wait, I closed my eyes.

No good again, I kinda look cross eyed and Ogii's eyes are a bit small. Open your eyes, honey.

No no no, too much!

And now we're all laughing. I give up. Good night.

Up a bit before sunrise.

Monica looks like a bedouin.

Some camels were wandering around just a few hundred feet away.

Outlined against the color before sunrise.

White one looking at me.

Some had much less hair, like this one. I think the herders put different colors of ribbons on them so they know which camels are theirs.

Some camel hair with Ogii taking a picture.

Here comes the sun.

Ogii getting pictures.

The three of us.

A little mouse.

Animal bone.


A whisp of camel hair.

A few video clips of the camels at sunrise.