2023 Jun 27 | Mongolia, day 6 - south - driving from Gobi Desert, Blue Sky Lounge dinner

Packing up the tents.

For a seven-hour drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

The women have their coffee.

I just noticed this phone number holder. There are many areas in the city that you almost have to double park because there aren't enough spaces, so many people will put their phone numbers on their cars so if they block someone in, that person can call them to come move their car. Although that's not a problem out here, with miles and miles of desert.

Basically driving through the field as the road is under construction.

Some huge trucks.

A truck carrying a truck.

A little air freshener in a bathroom.


On this side, too.

And me.

Lots of camels.

Some goats.

Another area where we had to drive around the construction.

Uh oh, I've used 2 GB of data. I'm not even sure how much I have. Hopefully more than 2 GB.

A little information yurt in town.

Big building.

We were trying to find some place to eat, so we asked the locals.

And then another one.

A restaurant here.

Monica wants coffee more than food.

Except they were closed, so we went to this other restaurant instead.

They didn't have half of the food available on their menu, so we got a variety of what they did have. Nobody other than us came into the restaurant the entire time we were there, and it's noon; I wonder how these small restaurants survive like this.

The White Stupa is like a mini Grand Canyon. It was a bit out of the way, though, so we didn't stop.

Some workers fixing a path.

And off the main road again.

Looks like they have some heavy construction vehicles ahead.

Working on the road.

There were even some big buses here.

A ton of vultures.

All above us.

Flying by.

Another one.

There must be something around here they're eating.

There it is.

Lots of horses by this yurt.

Uh oh, some of their pipes fell off. Gotta stop and put them back.

We're getting close to town; it's the airport in the distance.

Cool building.

Some memorial on the hillside.

A huge cemetary.

Train tracks, although they don't look to be in use.

Some cows at the edge of town.

A lot of people waiting for the bus.

Coffee and massage; that's a nice combo.

For dinner, we went to Blue Sky, which is in the cool skyscraper with the curved top just south of the main square downtown.

It's on the top two floors.

Neat room.

There's a second floor.

The second floor.

Cool wall.

Looking down to the first floor.

Looking down the other side.

To the east.

To the northeast.

To the west.

Ogii and her father.

Ogii and Monica.

Ogii, her father, and me.

The four of us.

More of our group.

On the other side.

Just two of them.

Ogii's father ran into some of his old coworkers; what are the odds? It was very nice that he was able to chat with them for a while and catch up.

Some wine to start.

Cheese board.

Meat board.





More meat.

The sun is almost down.

This building is cool.

Rainbow lights.

To the southwest.

To the south.

To the north. You can see the Chingis Khaan statue in front of Parliament at the far end of the square; the statue is surrounded by yellow light with the blue light around it.

Exchanging a few gifts.

And a few more.

Everyone at the dinner table.