2023 Jun 28 | Mongolia, day 7 - in town - Ogii birthplace, shopping, Tumen-Ekh, petroglyphs with Turuu and Enkhee

The cool building with the Blue Sky Lounge from yesterday at the top.

Sunrise from our condo.

Getting some applications done online.

A lot of the cars have this additional mirror on the front of the hood. It appears to look down approximately here, so maybe it's to help with parking?

Some of the stores have some really fun signs.

Like this dental place, where the dental mirror is yelling at the infected tooth. Or is saying, "Hey, I found the infection!"

We went to notary to get some paperwork done.

What's that funny looking machine?

Ah, it's for land mapping.

Going to another notary, as the other one wasn't available.

The Google Translate is very helpful.

Uh oh; this big truck is in our way.

And now it's stuck on the wall; guess we'll have to U-turn rather than try and wait.

They have their phone numbers in front in case you need to call them to move the vehicle, just like some of our family members have.

You sometimes have to drive very aggressively in town or you'll never get to where you're going. Even though Ogii was in the back seat, she'd still get scared and shout out, so I covered her eyes so she couldn't see the traffic.

Lots of houses and yurts.

Old neat one.

Stopping by Ogii's father's place.

A few different houses facing an open area.

Her father's girlfriend was cooking.

As was Oyunaa.

Looking good.

Ready to eat.

A few more people showed up.

They're fixing the power lines here.

And have this temporary bridge across a ditch. It seems pretty questionable, though; I was a bit worried I would fall through.

A house of some relatives Ogii grew up with.

And another one right beside it.

A shrine up on a hill she used to go to as a little girl.

Eating again.

They mentioned there is plague from marmots in some of the western provinces.

I think that's farther than we're going to be going, though, although it's close. We definitely don't want to go there and then be quarantined for a few weeks before they let us back out, so we'll have to pay attention to the news of which provinces are affected when we drive over there.

Some gifts.

Even some for Monica.

Chocolate and clothing.

Ogii and her dad went into a temple.

Very nice inside.

Those are American store names, but they don't have those stores here.

They must be resellers.

Pizza Hut got an easy to remember phone number.

Visiting the hospital where Ogii was born.

With her dad.

Throwing some milk as an offering.

And lighting some incense sticks.

Placing them outside.

Inside the hospital.

This is the train station Ogii's mom worked at.

We went to a shopping center.

Her father bought me a leather jacket.

Many other stores.

Lots of purses.

Various tourist items.

Although it did have some small bags we could put our snuff bottles in; perfect!

More purses.

Lots of stores.

her brother bought me this shirt. I even saw a few other people wearing it during the trip.

There are two floors.

Lots of cashmere up here.

Tons of watermelons.

This truck had a little grill over its light.

A hammer, calipers, star, and train; must be some sort of railroad logo.

Old trains.

Very modern benches.

And sign.

Lots of blue skyscrapers.

A sculpture in front of an orphanage.

Popular children's song.

High-density skyscrapers.

Camels sculpture in front of the Shangri-La Mall.

The mall was very westernized.

Of course a stop for coffee.

That beef looks good.

There is an optical store.

Lindberg frames; these are fairly expensive.

They even have refractions in the back if you need a prescription.

Contact lenses and solutions.

Predator on an Alien motorcycle sculpture.

Just a bit to the south was the Tumen-Ekh Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. We had shown up very early, but it wasn't open, so we went up to the mall for a bit. Now that we're back, it's completely packed with tourist buses. I hope we can still get a good seat.

Thankfully they were just about to start letting people in.

Some benches in front.

The stage and seating area.

A huge horn. Hopefully they blow this and it's not simply a prop.

A singer.

Signers and musicians.


Yes, he blew the horn! I was worried the show would be too touristy, but it was really good.

Lots of Packs.

A Croods sculpture.

Driving along the side of the city; skyscrapers on the left, fields on the right.

Visiting more family.

Enkhee (Ogii's sister), her husband Turuu, their daughter-in-law Bodio, and her son Chingem.

Nice view.

Exchanging gifts.

The we drove just a bit south of the city, along the river.

To some shrines.

And a short walk up some stairs...

... to some rocks...

... which have petroglyphs.

All of us at the top.

Nice view of the shrines and city.

Then we went to The Crown Premium Garden for some drinks.

The bar upstairs.

The menu is like a newspaper.

Us with our drinks.

Drank them all!