2023 Jun 30 | Mongolia, day 9 - west - with Tsogt and Naraa, Turuu and Enkhee, and Lhavgaa

The first leg of our week-long trip around western Mongolia.

We had three cars. One was Tsogt, Naraa, and us. A second was Turuu, Enkhee, and Chingem (their grandson). A third was Lhavgaa and his son and daughter. Baaska (Oogii's daughter) and Anir (Nomin's daughter) also came and rotated cars.

There are plenty of gas stations. They don't have unattended credit card payments like we do in the US, but they also don't pay by cash or credit card; they give some other number (I think a bank account transfer) to the attendant.

Lots of houses on the way out of the city.

A tall one.

One being built out of stone.

With a long stone wall. They must be very rich.

Lots of trees with a fire break between sections.

A train.

We had to wait for it.

We stopped for lunch here.

A beautiful area with a river and many sheeps and goats.

A goat having a drink.

A herder up on the hill on a horse guiding the sheep.



Ogii enjoying her food.

I don't think I can pick up enough of this wool to actually make anything.

Truck stop, market, and food court, although it doesn't appear to be open yet.

Another one being built.


Some snacks.

Herding cows.

Cow wandering around this gas station.

Cow in the road.

Passing a tractor.

A small town.

Each province had an entrance arch above the highway.

A stand by the side of the road selling fish.

We bought some.

Another beautiful river with many people stopped by it.

Cars along the highway.

Lots of cows.

And goats we had to wait for as they crossed the road.

Another province.

Horses with some babies.

The edge of a city.

List of buildings constructed.

Jewel City.

Lots of places have various displays of the Olympic rings.

Very colorful.

Power plant.

Another arch.

This is basically their Costco.

With a food court.

And even the free food samples.

And lots of various items for sale.

Including, of course, TVs.

Although they also have toilets, both regular and portable.

This one even comes with a bidet.

They have ramen noodles called Bone Soup.

Have to buy some vodka for gifts.


Some American ones.

Power adapters, although the opposite way of what we need. Good thing we brought our own.

Checking out.

Some tall buildings.

A mall.

They're building a new parking lot at this giant Buddha.


Just Buddha.

You can buy candles.

A view of the city.

Filling up with gas again.

A shrine.

Cool mural.

Selling tents by the side of the highway.

A market.

Leaving town.

Shrine up on the hill.

We were going to camp, but it was raining a bit, so we decided to stay here instead.

Where we rented a few yurts for the night.


They don't have toilets out in the country, just an outhouse.

Although they did have a basketball hoop.

Getting ready for dinner.

Opening packets.

Slicing vegetables.

Cooking meat and pasta.

It was great.

Everyone eating.

Some sushi from the store.

It's starting to rain again.

The dogs don't seem to mind.