2023 Jul 02 | Mongolia, day 11 - west - Khuvsgul-Sor Resort, reindeer camp, staying at Bayan

It was pretty cool in the mornings, but once you started a fire, the teepees heated up quickly.

Lots of flowers.

Checking out the lake.

The water was very clear.

Another resort to the north.

Some yaks along the shoreline.

They're wandering this way.

Getting pretty close.

Now they're right beside the gazebo.

Yak looking at Ogii.

Yak looking at me.

Yak looking at Ogii looking at me.

Sorry, I don't have anything you might want to eat.

A baby cow eating.

A video of the yaks and cows.

Ogii in some other flowers.

Close up on one.

They had a ping pong table.


It was really good.

A visitor's book.

Me writing in it.

Everyone hanging out on the chairs.

The manager and her dog.

The kids loved to run with the dog.

The bathrooms.

Quite nice inside.

Even some showers with hot water.

More flowers.

So many dandelions.

Ogii testing out the water.

A bit cold.

Some people playing volleyball at the other resort.

Just resting.

You could ride horses.

Which a few people in our group did.

More flowers.

More close-ups.

And another.

Some popcorn.

The kids were kicking a soccer ball through a goal which consisted of a space between two chairs.

They were pretty good.

They kept moving farther back each time.

Even the adults got into it.

A few video clips of the soccer kicks.

A bee on a flower.

Lots of different colors.

Lunch time.

Also very good.

Every time we left, we went through all of the boxes in the vehicles and merged them as we went through the food supplies so we'd have more space.

Power was out in the entire province, so none of the gas stations were working, and one of the vehicles was very low on gas. Thankfully we were able to get some from someone else.

On the road from the resort, we saw this camp with many vendors.

And also reindeer.

Which you could pet.

Cute baby.

Eating some snacks.

The older ones didn't seem as interested in the people.

Although there were a lot of them.

Ogii in a teepee.

Us with a reindeer.

Some of the babies wanted food.

And some were full.

Ogii petting another baby.

Us with one.

Me by a big one.

Someone tied their young child to a tree.

I guess that's one way to make sure she doesn't run away.

At the end of her rope.

Checking out the vendors.

Lots of spices and knives.

Cute animals out of shells.

Horn-handle knives.

Many shrines.

There was a zipline across the river here.

A 50:100 tourist complex in Khuvsgul at 50 north and 100 east.

A meat market.

If I'm doing the math right, gas is about $4 per gallon.

Most of the roads didn't show up on Google Maps, so we had to use the old paper maps. Even then, I think we took a lot of "roads" that weren't even on the map.

A town.

Asking locals for directions.

There is some sort of road sign, maybe.

Throwing offerings to a shrine.

Ogii throws a handful.

Many different roads, but they all go to the same location.

Asking another local for directions.

Arriving at a town.

Very colorful building on the right; that's probably a school.

A lot of people had these fences; it looks like trees and fire.

The town of Bayan is pretty small.

We had been asking the locals for a place to stay. This was a motel, which had a few rooms to rent upstairs.


One of the rooms.

A park nearby.

Lots of statues.

I wonder who made them all?

Some shrines.

Simpler one.

More decorative one.

Me in front of the main mural.

These guys were working hard, even in the rain.

A nearby market.

Preparing food.


Preparing more food.

And even more.

It was still cold and raining outside, but they had a small shelter to cook under.

Ogii with a taste test.

Some soup, too.

Ogii bringing it in.

Very good. We were very lucky to have people who cooked for hours out in the cold rain to feed all of us after they drove all day; very tiring.