2023 Jul 06 | Mongolia, day 15 - west - swimming in Durgun Lake

Getting up. Some people slept in the back of the SUV.

Some other people camping nearby.

It's already getting warm, so good to find some shade.

They can lift up the side of the yurt to get a breeze if it's too hot inside.

There are also a lot of flies around before the wind picks up.

So they have a screen across the yurt door to keep them out but still allow the breeze.

Charging phones.

Selecting gifts.

The kids always like candy.

Giving gifts.

The kids like playing with squirt guns.

Headed out on a path.

We had the back seat to ourselves, so I streched out a bit.

Some camels in a water hole.

Sutai is another famous mountain which always has snow on top.

Everyone with the mountain.

A few horses.

Baby running ahead of mom.

As we passed by a yurt, these dogs kept an eye on us.

Lots of horses.

Up on a hill looking around.

Throwing offerings.

Preparing the incense.

Placing the incense.

I wonder what this blue marker is for? You don't see many big groups of flowers in the desert.

A well.

It still has water in it.

Filling drink containers.

Ogii in the flowers.

A baby's boot.

Make sure to know where the water is or you could end up like this.

Our location. Looks like we're just more than halfway to the lake.

Another view of the glaciers on the mountain.

There were almost no signs on any of the roads / paths, but there was one here with an arrow to the lake.

There it is.

Looks there are many others to the north and west.

There was only one other vehicle there.

For one other family.

Empty to the east.

Everybody in!

Floating on an inner tube.

Very clear water.

Group photo.

The four of us.

Everyone splashing.

And floating.

Both floating.

The three of us.

Martial arts stance.

Lots of water beyond.

Focused on the foam.

Down the shore.

Out into the lake.

In the sand.

Lunch time.

I'll pass on the fish.

Ogii likes them.

I'll go for the bone soup instead.

Everyone eating.

I didn't find any arrowheads, although I did find a few neat rocks.

A few of the women were wearing 4th of July swimsuits we gave them. I'm in red, white, and blue, too, although I guess it's actually July 5th in the US right now.

He's also in red, white, and blue.

Horses and cows drinking at a well on the drive back.

Spotting something.

Helping with directions.

The sun was hot, so we put up clothes to block it.

Dogs welcoming us to a yurt.

Group picture with Ogii's mother's brother, Oyo, and his wife, Doljinjav, and their kids Ganbaatar, Galbaatar, and Otgonbaatar.

Palace Sand Mountain, near Ogii's mother's birth place.

In front.

Offering milk.


And food.

One last one.

Some camels.

Colorful cloud.

At a small town.

Where Naraa was born.

Visiting more family there, Odnoo and her children. Her husband was still out herding.

They had lots of food for us, even at 11pm. They slaughtered an entire lamb for us. The top-right stomach is Ogii's favorite.

Getting all of the meat off the bone.

Us with them.

Milky Way above their yurt.

Thankful for the drivers to find the way back home in the middle of the night.