2023 Jul 07 | Mongolia, day 16 - west - rainbow, BOGD hotel

Goats nearby.

A baby one.

The TV news was talking about flooding in Ulaanbaatar.

We got lucky by not being there now; hope everyone there is OK.

A house floating away.

Ogii eating a brown flower called arvai that only grows in the Gobi desert.

The tire pressure was a bit low, so he was filling it.

It was pretty slow going, so they found this other one powered by another car which was much faster.

A hand-woven rug.

Nice toiletries holder.


Giving gifts.


Throwing milk.

With a special spoon.

Family photo.

A police checkpoint for safe driving.

Where they had drivers get out, stretch, and drink some camel milk.

Headed back to Ulaanbaatar. It's still quite a ways.

You can fly from Ulaanbaatar to Altai.

They're wearing the matching shorts we bought them.

A shrine.

A town.

A province.

A collection of yurts and a store in a container.

With food, lodging, and bathrooms.

Getting some snacks.

Blocking the sun.

Stopping for lunch.

Pouring drinks.

Lots of cows nearby.

Everyone sleeping on the drive.

Uh oh; their rooftop travel case opened up on the highway.

So we taped and tied it closed.

The schools are always very colorful.

Some dark rain.

Some light rain.

A bit of a rainbow by the rain.

Double rainbow.

Very bright over the flag logo.

Over some sheep.

Big sign on a hill.

It was actually flooding across the road a bit here.

Thankfully not so deep that we couldn't get across, but it was going out into the field.

Some hail.

A bunch of small stores.

This one was a restaurant.

Eating dinner.

A dog watching us.

Another double rainbow.

That night we stayed at the BOGD Hotel in Arvaikheer.

Very modern.

Very nice rooms.

Nice bathrooms.

With lots of things to do.

Translating the sign.

This one is in English.



Dining room.


Game room for kids.

Private karaoke room.


Cool world map.

A view out the window.