2023 Jul 08 | Mongolia, day 17 - Karakhorum ancient city

Another Province.

They change the rocks on this hill every day so the date is correct.

Many people camping by the river.

Very decorative arch.

Lots of camels by the side of the road.

We haven't had to deal with traffic for days.

So many goats, too.

A video of all the goats.

Another province.

The Silk Road Resort has a bunch of yurts.

Along with a main building.

A more upscale way to stay in a yurt.

Really packed together.


There were a couple of travel companies there.

Another one.

They were driving a Land Cruise and a Lexus SUV.

The wall around Kharkhorum, the old Mongolian capital.

At the front gate.

A map.

Some history.

Various temples.

A little souvenir yurt at the front.

In front of one of the temples.


A large prayer wheel.

Pathway to an inner city.


A map inside one of the buildings.

Statue and tapestry.

I liked the roof decorations.

Dragon heads.

Full dragon.


A little horse.


Inside another temple.

Walking around the outer wall for luck.

Us in front.

Just Ogii and me.

With more of the temples.

On the steps.

A smaller, more permeable wall.

Older shrine.

Us in front.

Another little souvenir store.

A guy selling art outside.

Big pot.

Another temple.

Monks inside.

Many prayer flags.

Outer city wall.

Small prayer wheel.

Big bowl.

Ogii and her father.

Everyone out front.

Some other tourist sites nearby.

A walkway across the road.

Which circles around with all of these little shops.

They were pretty much all selling the same thing.

And they seemed quite new; some weren't even filled yet.

Snuff bottles.

A eagle outside.

On the other side were restaurants.

We ate at this one.


Ready to eat.

This nearby gas station had long lines.

So we drove over to this other one with no lines.

Formal dress on a small motorcycle.


Another one.

Another province.

A little park.

This kid was walking up to anyone who stopped, asking if they needed any food...

... which his family was selling from this nearby yurt.


A ton of cars stopped by the side of the road.

Many people camping here.

Lots of horses.

And camels.

Some camels walking by.

Baby cows.

Some pigs.

Many flags.

More modern rest stop.

Food inside.

Many Choco Pies.

A map of a Naadam festival.

A Montana license plate.

The edge of Ulaanbaatar.

A mansion.

KFC and Pizza Hut waiting for us. I kept telling Ogii we had to try it here, so this worked out perfectly.

It tasted pretty much like in the US.

Ogii looking through drawings.

They fixed my extra wedding ring, which had fallen apart earlier.