2023 Jul 09 | Mongolia, day 18 - cemetery, family photo at Sukhbaatar Square

A view of part of the city from up on a hill.

So many houses.

Anything children related is always so colorful.

If you need a ride, you just stand by the side of the road with your arm out.

Many private people will pick you up for a pretty standard rate per distance; you don't have to wait for a normal cab.

Many people had a Mongolian flag and camping gear.

Selling tents.

A huge Mercedes Atego truck this couple was traveling in.

Always good to have spare tires.

Maybe flags of countries they've visited?

Fun picture on the side of the truck.

A cemetery north of Ulaambaatar.

Front gate.

Lion statue.


Large Buddha statue.

Many gravestones.

Plans to improve the grounds to be heavenly.


Ogii's mother.

Preparing offerings while her father reads prayers.

Throwing milk as an offering.

And throwing food her mother used to like.

More milk.

Lots of food.

Ogii pouring milk all around her mother.

The grave of Ogii's mother's relative.

The grave of Ogii's sister.

Placing incense.

And candles.

Her son pouring milk.

Three sisters and their father.

Many offerings.


And praying.

Black and white doves.

Someone who lived 100 years.

Someone who lived 1 year.


Power plant.

Mongolian soldier during the revolution.

Where Ogii used to work.

I love the look of the Gem Palace building.

Merchants in Sukhbaatar Square.

Many people were there.

In traditional outfits.

Very intricate.

There was a stage with many people.

For the traditional clothing festival.

Inner Mongolians.

Colorful dresses.

And headdresses.

Even more.

A video of some.

Center of Ulaanbaatar.

We were getting the entire family together for a picture.

While we waited for everyone to arrive, the kids rode around on a bike.

Giving gifts to us while I was up taking pictures of the traditional dresses.


The family in front of the statue.

And in front of parliament.