2023 Jul 09 | Mongolia, day 18 - family dinner at Terrazza, Zaisan Hill

Nice mural.

Big bell.

The National Academic Drama Theatre.

Children's Palace.

Zaisan Memorial on top of a hill.

We invited everyone in Ogii's family to dinner at Terrazza since they had a nice outdoor terrace.

A nice view of the Zaisan Hill Complex.


Wide angle.

This was the table for younger adults.

The table of older adults.

From the other side.

Kids table.

All three tables in one shot.

The only big problem was the menu. They didn't have physical menus, only ones on your phone accessed via the QR code. Except we had a lot of old people there...

... and the writing on the menu was very small.

Thankfully you could enlarge it.

Neat tea.



Ogii's father making a toast.



The other side.

The other table.

Meat platter.


Wines in a rack out by other tables.

Everyone got different meals.


A gift for us.



Drink marker rings.



... matching hoodies.

Ogii's father gave us tickets...

... to the Naadam Festival opening ceremony. We got very good seats.

Tickets for other family members, too.

So many gifts.

Not too expensive to feed around 40 people at a very nice restaurant. The kids table was the most expensive because they bought lots of soda and ice cream and who knows what else.

More wine inside.

Pretty sign.

The rectangle lights on this building are neat.

And change color.

The Zaisan Hill Complex.

Russian memorial.

A tank which fought against Germany.

Inside the mall.

It's very big with many floors.

Neat ceiling decoration.

You can go into this hallway...

... which has a see-through floor.

Prehistoric scene below.

With dinsaurs.

Taking the elevator up through the mall gets you halfway up the stairs to the Zaisan memorial. Now there are only 300 steps, whereas it's 600 if you start from the bottom of the hill.

Not too hard of a walk.

The memorial honors Mongolian and Soviet soldiers killed in World War II.

Great view of the city to the west.


And east.

Ogii coming up.

Scenes from past wars.

All around the top.

Everyone with ice cream.

There are various vendors.

Including ones to throw darts at balloon.

To win a prize.

The kids took turns.

Then Tsogt went.

Spongebob was popular.

Video of the walkway and popping balloons.

The family at the top.

Ogii and me.

Headed back down.

There is a small parking lot at the halfway point.

Back into the mall.

Various gift shops.

Neat wall hangings.

Skylight with lights that look like stars.

A fountain out front.

Candies, Chingis vodka and hadag (blue silk cloth) from Altaa.

Pens, dolls, and ankle bones from Ogii's brother-in-law Doyo.

Cashmere hoodies from Enkhee and Turuu.

Fanny pack, cashmere scarves, chocolates, and for Sarnai, socks, from Bayanaa.

Shirt for Sarnai from Bayanaa.

Cashmere scarf, tall shot glasses, and drink charms from Orgil.