2023 Jul 10 | Mongolia, day 19 - Gobi cashmere store, snuff bottle workshop, Naran Tuul market

Family call.

This was where Ogii went to college.


I think this is some engineering school.

A giant milk carton.

Gobi cashmere.

They have a yurt.

Inside the big store.

Men's section.

Some traditional shirts.

So many different colors.

Women's section.

Buy five, get one free scarves.

Even more scarves.

They're around $50.

Some nice sweaters.

Around $80.

They have exchange rates listed; they must get a lot of foreigners.

The people in the back pack each item separately.

Adding everything up on a calculator; around $800 in total for gifts for many family members back in the US.

Models out front.

So many skyscrapers that look the same.

Camel caravan statues.

I wanted to check out the 5.11 store. Their older pants are much better than their newer ones, so I thought there was a chance they'd still have the old versions here. Unfortunately they were closed.

We did get a screwdriver from the hardware store next door, though.

We just needed one small one.

Flags on the bridge.

I had looked in Banki's snuff bottle shop earlier; now he and Oyunaa are showing us the workshop.


Pieces of stone.

Different types will work better or be more expensive.

Cut into the correct shape.

Saws and polishers.


Polishing pads.

Making it thin enough to see light through but not so thin it breaks.

The workshop is right by the store; makes it very easy.

A huge Mongolian flag.

Marco Polo statue in front of Ogii's old university.

Neat arches.

Since the main 5.11 stores was closed, we checked out this army supply store.

They didn't have the pants I was looking for, though.

American outlet.

A mural, starting in old days...

... to a bit in the past...

... to today.

A big mall.

Naran Tuul, a huge outdoor market.





Carpet and jewelry.

Snuff bottles.

Animal pelt clothing.


People who will carry any large items you purchase.



Baby rabbits and kittens.

Fishing gear.

There is also an inside area.

With multiple floors.

Lots of toys.

Trying on shoes.


Funky tops.

A food court.


It's 10 cents to use the bathroom.

Dog statue at a roundabout.

Closer view.

Another one.

Colorful domes.

Nice mural.

Nara's workplace.

Fun name for a ballroom.

Round building.

Chinggis Khaan hotel.

Mural with a scene breaking out of the wall.

Ogii met Tumee, a coworker from when she lived in Mongolia.

They chatted and had some tea.

And exchanged gifts.

Entrance to Tsogt's condo.

Pretty floor.

Some horses walking in the road.

Ganbold and Orgil invited us for dinner at their house.

The had a beautiful room on the top floor.

With a nice balcony.

Looking out.

You can see more horses walking here.

Many bells.

Great food.

And drinks.

The necklace Ogii got from Tumee.

After checking out the snuff bottle workshop, I took a closer look at ours.

They have very detailed tops.