2023 Jul 11 | Mongolia, day 20 - Naadam opening ceremony

We have our tickets.

Ogii has her hair clip that says, "Love."

Now we just have to get to the stadium. It's an hour to walk, which is a bit long, especially in our traditional outfits.

So we paid for a ride.

Very colorful.

Many companies.

The bridge has Mongolian flags.

A vendor with lots of balloons on their vehicle.

Park with animal statues.

We have to take this walkway above the road.

A bit of a crowd, but not too bad.

Sunglasses vendors.


It started to rain a bit, but thankfully there were umbrella vendors.

Lots of umbreallas.

Toys for kids.



Us at gate #1.

We had amazing seats.

Horses in front of the main stage.

All lined up.

Big statue in front.

And on the other side.

Video chat with some of Ogii's family.

A big flame.

Many horsemen.

A band.

The president of Mongolia giving an opening speech.

Close up view an a monitor.

Us with him behind.


Mother and baby horse.

Dancers on the ground.

And on the stage.

It was raining on and off, so the people in front of us had to use umbrellas, but we were under a roof.

More horses.

Although someone has to clean up after them.

Giant costumes.

Smoke and a picture of Chinggis Khan revealed.


A story of baby Chinggis Khan.


Up high.

Archers on horses.


More dancers with them.

Many dancers.

Old musician.


Mother and baby horse.

I like the old guy costume.

A 5.11 umbrella.

A Mongolian flag umbrella.

Spotted horses.


More modern dancers.

With shiny outfits.

Instrument costumes.


Chinggis Khan.

I loved the archers, especially when they shot while riding.

Everyone out at the end.



The people beside us were wearing a similar color.

I liked this simple white outfit with the blue sash.

The horses came by us outside.


Lots of food options afterwards.

Iridescent pink and purple.


A field with a ton of food vendors set up around the edges.

Our family found a table here.

Some good food.

All done.


There were lots of puddle in front of the vendor booths, so they had makeshift bridges.

Interview area.

Wrestlers cup.

Wrestling competition back inside.

I like her all-black outfit, too, as we as the colorful kid's one.

Many medals.

Many people were selling kebabs cooking out on tables.

Cooking them.

More bridges.

Tall hats.

With family.

He has a nice outfit, too.

These people have a great view from their apartment windows.

I like the all-black outfit with very colorful cuffs and belt.

A little water can't stop Ogii from shopping, especially if there is a bridge of bricks.

Looking for dresses.

Horse milk.

Although I'd prefer one of these giant Cokes.

From here.

Carrying many ice cream cones.

Ice cream for us.

Everybody got a cone.

Our outfits worked well.

We bought Ogii a hat, too.

All the shops in a line.

Everyone walked around the puddles, but the kids in rain boots could go through the middle.

Neat hat.

Another area with archery.

Targets down the field.

One archer.


Now many of them.

Careful aiming.

Another room had knuckle-bone shooting.

There were multiple lanes set up.


And shooting.

The people around offered lots of support.

A video with clips of the opening ceremony.