2023 Jul 13 | Mongolia, day 21 - leaving, arriving home

Ogii's father praying for us.

Everyone helping us carry our luggage.

Waving good-bye.

Still seeing neat art.

A field full of sheep.

At the airport.

Uh oh, needed a way to get the SIM cards out. Good thing we had a needle in a small sewing kit.

Another problem.

Some of the luggage was just over the limit.

So we moved stuff around.

Until it was good.

Waiting in line with us.

The toilets at the airport had very nice bidets.

On the plane.

Leaving the airport.

Islands below.

Flowers at the Seoul airport.

Burger King there.

Decorate soap.


Don't squat on the toilet.

Our flight was delayed, but everyone was already lined up to get on the plane. Rather than sit back down and lose their spot in line, everyone stayed standing for quite a while.

We both had window seats so we could sleep better.

Treasure Island, the Bay Bridge, and downtown San Francisco.

Clouds over most of the city.


Uh oh; there was a problem with one of our bags.

Some sort of plant they confiscated.

We rented a car at the San Francisco airport and drive it to the Monterey Airport, then took an Uber home. At Monterey, they rent exotic cars. I wonder how much those are.

Some bunnies to welcome us home.

Unpacking so many gifts.

Ogii's hat.

Some coasters.

Mongolian National Anthem.

From Oyunpurev and Batbold.

Close up on the snuff bottles.

Dorjigotov, Anarjin, and Dashdavaa.

Tsogt and Narangerel.

Nomin and Tulgaa.

Tumendelger Tumee (Ogii's friend).

Otgonbaatar and Bayansuren.

Enkhtyua and Turbayar.

Damuundari and Dulguun.

Ogii's father and his girlfriend Juujee.

Altantsetseg and Byambaa.

Yundendorji and Jamyamyadag.

Orosoo (Ooyoo akh) and Doljinjav egch.

Orgil and Ganbold.

Shanz (Ajaa) and Batmunkh (Munkhuu akh).

Namxaddorji (Nainaa) and Oyunaa (Oinoo).

Oyunbat and Oyundelger.

Making room in and on the bookcase for some of the gifts.

Just barely fits.

Ogii needs a nap after all that unpacking.