2023 Jul 23 | 2 Player Arcade, Lick Observatory Highland Way concert

Haven't been to a movie in the theaters in a long time, so we saw Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

Mostly because I wanted to see Unicron on the big screen, although he wasn't too amazing.

A new place in Monterey called 2 Player Arcade.

With older video games.

And some newer systems, too.

More old games here.

SNES and Genesis.

A back room for game repair.

Ogii playing Tetris.

Ogii getting #1 at Tetris.

The Perfect Crumb Bakery.

Lots of good stuff.

There's also a High Scores arcade.

Although it's not open yet. 2 Players Arcade is near Cannery Row, whereas High Scores Arcade is on Alvarado St.

I've been with Wells Fargo 18 years.

Pretty sunset.

Ogii has many different types of Kit Kat to eat.

Four bunnies.

We saw this Effy sapphire and diamond dolphin ring on a cruise long ago. It was really beautiful, but also expensive. I noticed it was discounted on their website, and there was an additional 25% discount as well. So I put it in my shopping cart and waited a few days; I've heard sometimes you'll get an even bigger discount that way. Sure enough, someone from Effy called and offered even a bit more off, so I decided to get it.

Ogii brought back some milk tea from Mongolia which is from the birthplace of her mom.

Some red accessories for the Virgin cruise.

Lots of 7s and 2s.

I'm starting to get some holes in my shoes.

Hotels.com merged with Expedia and VRBO. You used to get 10% with Hotels.com; now you only get 2% with OneKey, much worse.

Photoshop has some updates.

Including new generative fill...

... and

We drove up to Lick Observatory, which is east of San Jose. There were some very nice houses on the road.

Nice view.

Nice gate.

You can just make out the observatory on the top of the hills to the right.


Some of these trees had very twisted roots which were coming out of the soil along the road.

The road itself up the hill was very twisted, too.

With a very steep drop on one side.

There were no other cars almost the entire way; just at the end we caught up to some.

Directing traffic for parking.

Schedule of events.

We had preferred plus seating.

Which, as you can see from Ogii sitting there in the green top, was the very front row right in front of the stage.

Preferred seating was off to either side, and normal seating was much farther back.

It was still too early for the concert, so we walked around. A gift store.

Some nice pictures of the mountain.

Pictures along the walls with history of the observatory.

There are a lot of them.

Nine of the fist ten planets around other stars were discovered here.

Also some old weather instruments.

A seismograph.

There were two telescopes, one on each side of the observatory.

The 40" telescope astronomer for the night.

This is the star cluster it was pointed at today.

Some info on it.

You could go up the stairs.

And look through it.

Me looking.

Although since it was still daytime, it wasn't as good yet.

The wheels to turn the dome.

The dome from inside.

People asking questions.

Us in front of it.

Neat sidewalk drawing outside.

Nice patio area.

There were some smaller telescopes outside that we could look through as well.

Ogii looking.

This one was pointed at the moon.

The moon is pretty small with the naked eye.

Just above the dome.

But much larger through another telescope.

You could walk around to the west side of the observatory.

You could see a lot of San Jose.

And even up to San Francisco and Oakland.


A nice bench.

Donated by bicyclers.

The sun setting, with the moon to the top-left.

Almost down.

Lighting up the clouds.

Colorful clouds above a dome.

Time for Highland Way, a Celtic band.

Tonight there were only two members playing, although they have more members who play other instruments, too.

They had a lot of fun.

A video.

I really liked a few of their songs, and we were close enough to the stage I could see their playlist on the floor beneath them, so I knew which songs they were.

We bought a few of their CDs.

Now time to go look through the telescopes.

We arrived early, so we were able to get in the first group for them.

The control room.

Lots of info.

We looked through the 40" telescope in the smaller dome first...

... and then looked through the 36" telescope in the larger dome.

Ogii looking.

It's still the second largest refracting telescope in the world.

Then we wandered back outside. San Jose below the moon.

Me looking with the moon to the side.

And the Big Dipper above.

Ogii beside the dome with the Big Dipper.

The Big Dipper beside the dome.

A nice picture of the observatory with both domes in view.

Some lectures.

It was still very warm, even around 10pm.

Now back down the winding road in the dark. remove.