2023 Sep 04 | West End Celebration, Carmel Valley Baum and Blume

We went to Sand City for the West End Celebration. There are a lot of murals in that area.




We chose to walk a few blocks rather than pay $30.

Ogii by the neighborhood name.

Lots of vendors and attendees.

Old-time photos.

Aztec mural.

Natural art.

Natural mural.

A big thing made of sticks.

Ogii looking through.

Live music.



Metal sculptures.

Wooden art.

Lots of jewelry over here.

More live music.

Pizza cooking.

Another mural.

Another photographer.

Animal photography.

Mermaid mural.

We ran into some friends there.

Poppy art.


Yummy cookies.

Many smaller murals.

Fish and otter.

Color-changing paint.

But if we all floss, wouldn't the dentists have less money and not be able to afford Mercedes?

I went to Costco for my eye exam.

Lots of trial contact lenses.

The prices aren't too bad.

More contact lens trials inside the exam room, and a retinal camera, too.

Gotta love the cheap pizza and hot dogs there.

We took some stuff to the dump.

I always take the wrong turn and end up at the top, which is where the big commercial trucks are supposed to go.

Someone dumped this air hockey table. If we had a bigger house, maybe we would take it with us.

Some people on a little vehicle on the train tracks.


I loved the Monterey Airbus logo, it was very unique, but they got bought by Groome, which just has their boring name as a logo.

We had lunch at Baum and Blume in Carmel Valley.



Pretty plating.

Nice flowers and teapot, too.

Popover and soup.

Main meal.



Peach cobbler for dessert.

A little store, Carriage House, right beside the restaurant.

Lots of stuff inside.

More over here.

Nice soaps.

Adding up the totals.

Then we stopped in Carmel Valley for some wine.

Family phone call; they caught a fish.

Ogii opening some mail.

My dress shoes are still holding up well after a year.

I had been holding off paying the last $40,000 on my school loan in case any of Biden's forgiveness programs would apply, but none did, so time to pay it off.

I started paying back in 2011.

And had been paying through 2021.

It ended up being a total of $240,000 total, with $180,000 in principal and $60,000 in interest. It's crazy that 25% of the payments were interest; that's a good deal for the bank.

There is only "Mrs," which is a married woman; no option for "Ms," which is married or unmarried. So I guess unmarried women can't fly on American Airlines.

Hotels.com used to have good rewards, but now that they use the One Key program, it's much worse.

Although they still seem to have the largest selection of options.

A pretty shirt.

I love Windows Movie Maker, but you can't get it officially any more.

So you have to go looking around on websites that host old versions of programs to find it.

You also have to be careful because some of those might have viruses in them. This version seemed legitimate.