2023 Sep 10 | Great Reno Balloon Race, Queen of the Night flower bloom

Passing by Sacramento at sunset.

Color cloud behind some palm trees.

Arriving in Reno.

I stayed at Circus Circus because it was very close to the park where the balloons were going to be.

Their table games were closed and they advised you to go to a neighboring casino.

Live music.

Midway area with games for kids.

A Zoltar machine.

Some fast food restaurants on the other side.

Elephants at the entrance.

Circus Ciruc is attached to the Silver Legacy. Some of the performers had signed stars in the floor.

Rum Bullions Island Bar.

Oil rig.

The legend of Old Silver.

Poker room this way.

It's not too big.

Beautiful glass in the ceiling.

Neat statue.

A little convenience store was still open at 10pm. Time for me to sleep...

... because I was getting up at 3am the next morning to get to the balloons early. Other people were still out partying.

It was only about a mile walk to the park. This part of the sidewalk was closed, so I had to run across to the other side.

A line of cars going to the park as well.

They were making people turn around here if they didn't have prepaid parking.

At the park.

I wasn't really sure where to go, so I followed the other people.

There were various vendors with food and toys.

Some of the hotels had reserved sections for their guests.

Everyone sitting out in the field.

A truck for one of the balloons.

A fan to blow it up.

Stretching it out.

Starting to get some air in it.

Almost there.

There was a rope people were supposed to stay behind, but as more people came, they went around the rope.

More of the balloons lightning up.

They all lit up together to music.

Taking off.

A bit higher.

Up in the sky.


Time for a breakfast burrito and some hot chocolate.

Those balloons came down, and then more started filling up.

A lot of people in the field now.

Many people helping to unroll a balloon.

Blowing them up.

Balloons were going up one by one.

Carrying the flag during the National Anthem.

Some were flying, others were getting there.

More over here.

Directly above.

This guy didn't have a basket, just a seat for himself.

A raccoon.

Cool sunglasses.

With the moon.

More going up.

Many in the air now.

Me with the balloons.

A video.

You could see them from downtown afterwards, too.

Neat paintjob.

Aw, someone broke their back window.

Walking around downtown Reno. There are many murals.


A tall one on a parking garage.


And another.

These apartments have a huge climbing wall on the side.

City name.

huge casino chips.

Locations of some early casinos.

The Golden Nugget.


Historic Street Clock.

Space Whale.

It's pretty with the sun shining through.


A dog park.

The El Dorado casino.

Neptune fountain.

Wolf statue.

Boar statue.

Beautiful skylight.

Grabbing some pasta for lunch.

I was going to be the first customer, but my order wasn't going through, so I was number two.

A lot of food.

Ogii's Queen of the Night flower she received from Brian is about to bloom.

And it's open.

Very pretty.

And quite big.