2023 Sep 15 | Burney Falls, Toucan Charlie's buffet, Atlantis and Grand Sierra poker

Stopping at Burney Falls. It's nice you don't have to walk miles to get to them.

Just a short walk down this path.

I love how there are many different sections.

Me in front of them.

The woman whom I exchanged pics in front of the falls with also had a Carved phone case.

Just a short hike up from these rocks to the path.

Although you had to be careful at the bottom because the rocks were slippery.

Little plants growing there.

Right side.

Left side.


There were so many different areas to look at.

A short drive to another section.

A small bridge.


Normally you can walk down here and see them from the top.

But it was closed off.

You can kind of make them out from behind the fence.

Dinner at a steakhouse.

I requested whatever smelled so good; it was mushrooms.



And steak.

The football game on TV had a drone show.

Driving back to Reno.

Some neat statues on the highway.

A big HOME statue at the baseball stadium.

Dreaming big.

The Atlantis casino.

Pretty statue.

In line for Toucan Charlie's buffet.

I got there early, so the line is short.

Almost to the front, but then a bunch of people came through the VIP line and got seated first, so a bunch of us had to wait around half an hour before we got lucky and no VIPs came by.





Prime rib.


Meat and crackers.


Crab legs.


So many choices.


Ice cream.


My choices.

A fortune cookie.

Good thing I came early; the line is much longer now.

All the way back here.

Atlantis has one of the middle-sized poker rooms in Reno.

Grand Sierra is another. Peppermill and Silver Legacy are both bigger, and Harvey's is down in Lake Tahoe.

The Atlantis poker room has a very nice entrance.

Getting a massage while I play. Although the cushion pushed me too far back from the table and it was hard to reach my cards and chips.

We both flopped a flush; that's rare.

Dead Man's Hand.

They had a wheel you could spin if you got a high hand.

Football game, with Zenni advertising.

The Grand Sierra has the other medium-sized poker room.

Neat entrance.

Horse statue.

Cleaning robot.

They also have a buffet.

Also very busy.

Lots of other restaurants.


The poker room.

They also have evening tournaments. I was about to ask if I could play tonight, but it was already full; just one table.

USB chargers in the table.

A guy make quad fours, thankfully not against me.

Massage here, too, although I learned from last time and requested no cushion.

Always nice to hit a set.

The nightclub there.

Beautiful ceiling.