2023 Sep 16 | Reno Wine Walk

There were a couple of places you could start the Reno Wine Walk.

And pick out your glass.

A map.

The first ones.

Neat mural.

For the axe throwing place.

I like their door handles.


Another mural.

Exotic milkshakes.

Another location you could start the walk at with other glasses.

Many different beers.

The wines were past the pool tables.

A little outdoor area.

Five Star Saloon.

Funny sign.

The bar.

Drink options.

Penis shots.

They had some sexy art on the walls.

Another one.

Lots of awards.

Dance area.

Next stop.

Lots of paintings inside.

Lots of brushes.

More glasses.

Bob Ross.

Getting drinks.



Lots of games inside.

More over here.

Large bar.

More games.

Pinball in the back.

Some people dressed up as pirates for the crawl.

Multiplayer PacMan.


Street Fighter.

Other crawlers.

I'm starting to run low on $1s to tip the bartenders.

Hookah lounge.



To the other side.

More glasses.

Along the river.

Next stop.

A few people at the bar.

Game room.

A few video games.

A map of things to do along the river.

Banging on the bathroom door will get you kicked out.

Nice open area.

With some stairs down to the river.

Huge mural.

Dedicated to his parents.


With beautiful stained-glass windows.

If your spouse asks where you are, you can say, "I'm at the office."




Old chairs.

And a chessboard.

A few people playing Battleship.

It looks like she's winning so far.

Another mural.

Beautiful view of the river.

A pub.

It's small inside.

Another view of the Space Whale.

It's much prettier in the sunlight.

Where blue jeans were invented.

Very nondescript entrance.

Huge inside.

Band setting up.

The place is called a supply store...

... but it's a speakeasy inside.

Nice stained glass windows.

I got to most the of the places downtown. I wonder how many people went to the ones farther away?

Horse mural.

Back at The Library bar.

Where everyone meets at the end for raffle winners.

A lot of people here now.

Swinging the penis shots in the air.

I won a gift certificate, but since I was leaving soon, I gave it to the people next to me.