2023 Sep 17 | National Championship Air Races, Art Show

This guy found a good location for a picture of the Reno skyline.

So I went there.

My parking pass for the air races had this parking lot as the location.

But the guy came and had us park over here, which was a bit closer.

Walking to the entrance.

Oh man, I could have simply parked here.

Although for the most part, street parking was completely full. It looks like these people put their trash bins out, probably to save spaces for friends or people who paid for them.

I wonder if they put these tree branches there to do the same.

Big plane overhead.

A bit of a line, but it moved fast.

An area with old planes.

The pilot has a huge window.

Very shiny.


Only a few of the food vendors were open at 7am.

Lots of porta potties.

If you're going to be there all day, you definitely want a hat for some shade.

The bleachers.

Closer seats.

Back rests.

My camera read to go.

Planes lining up.

Some of the races went way out and around, so you could barely see the planes for a while.

Other races were right up close.

They flew down one way, turned around, came back, and the first one to stop won, so they'd angle to slow down faster.

Some of the vendors.

Wood carvings.

A more expensive pit area.

Other vendors.

Plane photography.

Some of the pictures were beautiful.

Food vendors.

A pulled pork parfait?

Gotta try that.

A tractor pulled provided transportation to and from the parking lot.

Big lens.

And another.

And another.

This guy is really prepared: hat, light hoodie, and a camera sling.

Selling ice.

Many planes coming in.

Around the corner.

Neck and neck to the finish.

A couple clips of some of the races.

Afterwards, I headed to Atlantis for an art show.

A walkway connecting different buildings above the parking lot.

The cars feel a bit out of place.


St. Francis.

Wood stoneware clay.



Lucite, steel, and bronze.

Very cool.

The face.

Map of Reno.

Love out of butterflies.

San Francisco made from Jell-O.

Moving things.

Kids can climb on the octopus.


Very funky.

More lucite sculptures.

Futuristic women.

Lit up.


Looks like stone.

Neon signs.

Making them.

Very colorful.



Huge turtle.


Works by incarcerated artists.

From Nevada prisons.


Layers of earth.


I like these simple and elegant pieces.

And I love this walnut burl and epoxy table.

This one, too.

Metal fish.

That wriggles if you press the button.

Humans from metal.

Bear dancer.

Wildlife paintings.