2023 Sep 24 | Gem Show, Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, Mt Shasta, Morro Bay bioluminescence

In the same building as the art show was a gem show. I didn't even know the gem show was going on, but since it was right there, I figured I'd check it out.

Lots of tables.

There were all different kinds of gems and rocks.

Even fossils.

Some was finished jewelry.

Some were raw chunks.

And some were halfway between.

A silent auction with tons of items.

This was a showcase that demonstrated how rocks glowed under different wavelengths of light.

Not too much glow.

Some glow.

More glow.

Lots of little pieces.

Many geodes.

Big chucks.


Don't accidentally break the $5000 one.

He's been at this over 50 years.

Leaving the Atlantis.

Big truck with a military vehicle.

Another one.

I stopped by Cable Beach at Lake Siskiyou for a view of Mt Shasta.

There were only a few people there.

Mt. Shasta under some clouds.


Then I drove north to Mt Shasta View Point on 97.

I wanted to get this picture, with the mountain at the end of the road, but it was too foggy.

However, I passed by the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, which I had never heard of before.

It's a memorial to veterans with multiple sculptures.

Large wall.

This sculpture is called Hot LZ.

You can drive to other sculptures.

The road is one-way and narrow.

The Why Group.

The Nurses.

There were a few memorials to individual soldiers as well.


All Wounded Warriors.

Coming Home.


A larger entrance-way structure near it.

With little items attached to it.

Multiple watches.

A couple other individual memorials.

A simple one.

Many small rocks left on this one.

The Korean War.

The Flute Player.

This was my favorite sculpture.

Different angle.

The road out had a few more.

Those Left Behind.

The Greatest Generation.

Sponsors. It was a beautiful set of sculptures.

Mt Shasta again.

Different angle.

Across the field.

A little town called Weed.

I think every little store...

... has tourist items that make fun of the town name.

Back to Cable Beach for sunset. A few cairns.

Little plant growing out of wood.

Some sort of fungus.

The tree roots are half out of the ground.

A boat on the lake.

A bit of color.

Mt Shasta with a rock cairn.

With a few clouds.

With one of the trees.

A sliver moon.

I was driving around midnight and waited a bit here for one-way construction. A few minutes later, when I was driving, a bear came running out of the trees, ran beside my car for a few seconds, and then ran back into the trees. That was interesting.

We heard there was bioluminescence around Morro Bay, so we went down there to see if we could find any.

The Pismo Beach sign with Ogii in the middle.

It changes color.

I like the multi-color the best.

Playground with a whale.

A musician.

Snack shop on the pier.

We decided to see if we could see any bioluminescence near Morro Rock.

It was a bit of a climb up this sand dune.

This wasn't a great angle, though, so we headed back.

And instead went to the beach just north of the rock.

We waited a bit but didn't see anything, so we packed up to leave, and then as we were walking to the car, we saw a bit of blue.

It mostly only glowed along the right edge of the rock.

Even though it wasn't a large area, it was still fun to see.

This donkey and horse hang out next to each other on a hill on the way to Ogii's work.

Also baby cows running around.

A hawk on a street light.

A little lizard hiding in my slippers.

Coming out to sun himself.

We always see the sign for this BBQ place on the way to San Francisco, but we've never stopped.

There is lots of meat inside.

A map for visitors to pin their home.

We got some tri tip.

And then got our flu and COVID shots.

The Kilauea Volcano is erupting a bit again. Looks about like it did when we flew over to look at it.