2023 Oct 13 | West Point Inn on Mt Tam

Stopping at the Smoking Pig BBQ in Santa Cruz.

All their meats are good.

Ogii hard at work in the car.

We were staying at the West Point Inn on Mt Tam. This is the closest parking lot.

Although there is this tiny access road. The website said you can drive to the inn, drop off your bags, and then drive back. I wonder if this is the road for that?

It's really narrow.

Uh oh, a locked gate.

You can walk around it, but not drive. I guess we'll have to bring all of our stuff on the hike up.

Back down to the parking lot. At least it's cheap.

It's about an hour walk from the Bootjack Campground parking lot to the inn.

Starting out.

Just a little path.

Curves around this building.

Ogii was a bit sick, so I carried her backpack in addition to my two.

And then her bag, too.

She still was carrying her purse.

While I carried everything else. We were supposed to get there before the closed the check ins, and I had initially planned on doing that when we drove up to drop off our bags, but since that didn't happen, we were a bit behind schedule, so it wasn't a leisurely stroll; I had to walk rather quickly.

And we're there.

The big porch had some hummingbird feeders.

With San Francisco in the background.

Getting some pictures.

The rest of the porch.

Various hiking trails, although we didn't have time this trip to go on any.

A few items you could purchase for meals.

A fireplace.

Living room.

Old pictures.

Gravity cars, which went to the base of the mountain and then pulled back up by a train.

Not any more.

The innkeeper that night was David Durr.

He made some great bread to share.

Some other guests were cooking burgers.

All the cabins were along this path.

Our cabin.

Three beds inside.

And a beatiful view with an outdoor shower.

There were a few rooms inside the inn, too.

Some history of the inn.

The front area.

The bay.

Bike repair box.

Which was an Eagle Scout project.

A rabbit.

Enjoying the sunset on a bench.

The clouds got quite colorful.

The bay at night.

Glow-in-the-dark strips on the steps; that's nice.

A chess set, with a lot of different pieces.

We played a game.

Old lamp.

Old books.

A list of plays they've had over the years.

The train.

Up early the next morning.

Just a sliver of a moon.

Very bright red colors.

Sunrise on the porch.

Here come some hummingbirds.

Someones a bunch would be on one feeder.

Silhouetted by the sunrise.

The bay.

Downtown San Francisco.

One last stop at our cabin to pick up our gear.

Each guest was supposed to pick a task to help keep the place clean.

This woman swept the deck; we took out the garbage.

Horse drinking water.

Nice view of San Francisco with some fog on the hike back down.

Into the trees.

Some campers near the parking lot.

This crow was enjoying some red velvet cake it found.