2023 Oct 29 | solar eclipse in SF, candlelight concert, Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History Halloween

We were planning on driving up to Oregon to watch the annular solar eclipse. However, the forecast said it would be cloudy and rainy the entire time.

While it wouldn't be a complete annular in San Francisco, at least the forecast looked better. Then again, it is San Francisco, where it's often foggy.

Driving to the Golden Gate Bridge.

To this little parking lot.

Ready to hike in the dark.

Gotta check the tides; don't want to drown on the beach.

At Kirby Cove. I thought we'd be able to get a cool timelapse of the eclipse as it went above the Golden Gate Bridge.

Walking down to the south end, where it was very rocky.

Ogii coming.

Setting up the camera.

Nice sunrise.

The sun is up, although it's still very cloudy above it.

Me getting some pictures.

Walking back to the middle of the cove. A swing used to hang from this tree; someone must have taken it down.

Only a few other people, and it looks like they're taking wedding pictures.

Calculating out the angle the sun will move.

Right over the bridge.

Set up and ready.

Just have to avoid sitting in the poison oak.

Some sea lions eating fish.

Unfortunately, the heavy clouds above the bridge don't look like they're going to break up, so time to head elsewhere.

There's a campground down here.



Some green in the middle of brown.

Lots of trees.

A beach down there, too.

I don't know if you can get down to it. Maybe you could kayak to it.

Speaking of which, a bunch of kayakers.

We made it back to the top.

It's a tiny lot and all the spots are full now.

We decided to head up Mt Tam to see if we could get above the clouds.

Unfortunately, the weather there was even worse; it was raining.

No sun in sight.

But coming back down the mountain, we caught a glimpse of the eclipse over the bay.

Right at this little section of road.

Zoomed in. Unfortunately it's not a complete annular as we're too far south, and there isn't a cool foreground like the Golden Gate Bridge, but we at least got to see it.

With a 100,000 neutral density filter on the camera.

And a telephoto lens zoomed all the way in.

Gotta protect your eyes with the eclipse glasses.

Ogii getting pictures through the glasses.

Looks pretty good.

This guy didn't have glasses, so I walked over to him to give him a pair.

Now he's styling without burning his retinas.

A few other people stopped as well.

They're grabbing each others noses in Cheers. Old sitcoms were quite violent at times.

Learning Hawaiian.

I just got this new credit card and only used it once.

And there's already a fraudulent charge. What a pain.

A bunch of fake Halloween cats and one real one.

It's legal to drive without car doors, but you're still supposed to have side mirrors.

We went to FeverUp, Candlelight, A Haunted Evening of Classical Compositions.

I don't really want to listen to classical music, but I do like listening to the movie songs.

The performers.

It was a fun event.

I wonder who sets up all of the candles?


After that, we went to Walmart to buy some pieces for our Halloween costumes.

We got a lot there, but they didn't have everything we needed, to we headed to Party City.

They had tails.

We were going to be naked mole rats, so we needed some teeth. Those are teeth, but they don't look right.

We need some that look like this.

Ogii cut out a variety of different ones.

These look perfect.

The whole outfit.

We dressed up as naked mole rats because The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History was having a museum of the macabre, and the theme was underground. Although obviously lots of people dressed up as other things.

They were showing Tremors.

Some vendors.

Nice decorations.

I liked their costumes.

The museum was open.

Big cockroaches.

Someone dressed up as a star-nosed mole.

A banana slug.

Guy with a snake.

And another one.

Ogii touching it.

Woman with an even bigger snake.

Ogii didn't want to hold it.

The snake wants to go that way; good luck stopping it.



Small lights on their costume.

People playing some games.

A few people watching the movie.

Ogii was a demon naked mole rat; I was an angelic one.

Some food.

Some drinks.

Ogii's going to have to move her mask to drink.

A red skeleton.

With the moon.

Lined up for the costume contest.

This was my favorite costume; she's the gopher from Caddyshack.

People watching.

Everyone walking by.


There were a lot of neat costumes.