2023 Nov 05 | First Friday Pacific Grove, Hot Rods at the Beach, Foreverland (Michael Jackson tribute band)

Putting up Halloween decorations.

The clerk at the hardware store had a full Batman costume.

Some kids are already coming by.

This witch is Ogii's favorite.

Lit up.

The new Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

The first ones used to open with Marge warning viewers.

Some of the earliest ones were really good.

Like Burns' family tree.

The monkey paw.

The cursed doll.

Homer selling his soul for a donut.

To Flanders as the devil.

Except he eats all of the donuts in hell.

The Twilight Zone monster on the wing of the airplane.

The Shining.

Homer affecting the present by interacting with the past.

They're rich, but there are no donuts.

Except it rains donuts, although only after Homer goes back to the past. Reminds me of a short story where it rains diamonds on another planet, which are very destructive, but the people harvest them to sell to Earth.

Now they all have lizard tongues.

Homer can live with that.

Probably my favorite one, in 3D.

It was very cool looking.

And then he ends up in the real world.

In Los Angeles.

The next episode of Cheers happened to be a Halloween one; that's good timing.

Plane at sunset from Ogii's work.

Cool clouds.

Hot Rods at the Beach in Santa Cruz.

Big engine.

Many shifters.

Huge tires.

Very deep.


The first car he bought for $20 in 1958.

Wood-top buggy.

There happened to be a sea glass art festival right there as well.

Although they close in 10 minutes, so we better hurry.

Lots of vendors.

Some very neat ocean resin serving trays and coasters.

We bought some for Mom.

They seemed happy we bought some items.


More here.

More around the corner.

Some photos.

Metal cutouts.

More photos.

Very cool sea creature artwork.

We wandered around a bit and came back to buy this one, but the seller was gone.

Another cool one.

Out on the boardwalk.

Eating a turkey leg.

The rides are closed down for the day.

A view of the amusement park from the east.


Cool mural.

Me at the boardwalk entrance.

The we went to the Colligan Theater at the Tannery Arts Center.

To watch the play Rough Crossing.

The stage.

The actors. It was really funny.

The FDA finally said that phenylephrine is crap for colds.

However, pseudoephedrine actually works.

Unfortunately, you can't grab it off the shelves any more because they make meth out of it, so you have to have a pharmacist hand it to you so they can track your purchases. At least you can still get it without a prescription.

And they have the cheaper generics.

Another hummingbird feeder broke. I think the cats knock them down when they walk along the fence.

Why does the Toyota dealership have a Dodge Viper?

They also have photos of the Blue Angels.

Mike always wins salesperson of the month.

Neat clouds.

Ogii wrapping Christmas gifts.

Ogii's crepes for breakfast.

Peninsula Pastries is a great little French bakery.

They're not open late and they close for months at a time when they go back to France.

But when they're open, the food is great.

Playing chess.

Cooking pheasant. I like it pretty plain.

Foreverland, a Michael Jackson tribute band.


The band and singers were quite good.

Fun background.


A few video clips.