2023 Nov 12 | Dia de Muertos, Monterey Symposium, First Friday Pacific Grove

There's a Dia de los Muertos event at Hartnell College.

Some altars.

Explanations of the items.

Closer view.

Neat sculpture.

Some vendors.

A few more.

Ad for another Dia de Muertos event.


Someone put a shirt on the school panther mascot.

Monterey Symposium.

Some CE lectures there.

I kind of remember this from school.

She had some good lectures on examining children.

Another lecture.

The expo hall.

Trying out new technology.

I just did a little research project on them; I should talk to them about it.

Kasey at the MBOS booth.


Three of us.

Main area.

Posing with the ship.

Always love these mints.

Some COA board and staff members.


Sun behind a tree.

Sign with a cute baby deer.

A real deer walking across the road.

Old buildings.

First Friday Pacific Grove.

With various stores participating.

Drinks and snacks.

Some of the art.

Another stop.

More drinks and snacks.

Ogii checking out the items.

Lots of pretty pictures.

More art.

Another stop.

Up these stairs.

Lots of different rooms.

With different art in each one.

Various pieces.

A big painting.

Cool house.

Monarch Pub.

A live band there.


Good British food.

Mushroom burger.

Hey, you can't eat a burger with a fork and knife!


More live music.

And even more.

In this coffee shop.

Cute painting.

More musicians out here.

Back to Monterey Symposium the next day for more CE.

And lunch lectures.


Grabbing some eyedrop samples.

Modern Optical has a lot of very cheap frames, so they're good for Medicaid patients.

Lots of people hanging out.

There were numerous raffles.

Hanging out with a few other docs that evening at a nice room in the hotel.

With plenty of wine.

And candy apples.

Sunrise the next morning.

More CE.

I like the lectures that give you concrete information.

Along with pros and cons of the newest technology.

This lecturer kept saying some of what she was discussing was very controversial.

Questions afterwards.

We headed to the Dia de Muertos event I saw on the poster at Hartnell, Danza Azteca. There were a few vendors selling items out of their vehicles.

Food trucks.



Fresh and hot.

More vendors.


Very long feathers.


Some sort of incense.

There were some pretty amazing costumes.

I liked this one with the animal head.

And this huge black one.

And this skull.

Video of some of the dancers.

Afterwards we went shopping. Look how happy Ogii is.

Especially in the clearance sections.

Afterwards we went to It's a Wonderful Life at the Western Stage at Hartnell College.

Not too many people showed up.

But it was a nice play.