2023 Nov 26 | Thanksgiving in South Dakota

Not much of a line at SJC.

And no line at all for PreCheck.

Waiting for the flight to board.

Smart putting his shoes on his backpack like this.

Flying over mountains.

To Denver with Monica.

The have a Voodoo Donuts.

And a Smash Burger. They should have called it Smash and Grab.

Pretty good food.


I love the pterodactyls at the Bismarck airport.

And no lines at the car rental.

And the river in the floor.

Not the temperature, though. Brr.

Ogii working on her laptop.

We saw a few deer on the drive.

A bunch of turkeys in their lawn.

Nice sunset.

Plenty of snacks.

Mom cooked lots of food.

Ready to eat.

But first, a picture.

Always fun with family.

Some extras, just in case.

The fish artwork we got Dad. I thought it would be cool if we could make the end of the pole light up, but it does; the artist already thought of that.

The bulb...

... just takes a few of these batteries.

Dad and Mom with the fish.

Petting kitties.

Mom and Ogii cooking breakfast.

I always love the mixed nuts.

Waving to the train.

Out feeding the cats.

A tiny one.

White and black.

They look like family.

Curled up outside.

Petting the cats.

Playing Pictionary.

Mom's turn to draw.

Some of the results.

We saw some deer running away in the field.

Out walking for pheasants. Ogii has her handwarmers ready.

To the east of trees.

And to the west.


Ogii loves her desserts.

Out walking again.

A treeline. Even though it was really cold outside, it didn't feel so bad while walking, especially if the wind was at our backs.

Back to the cats.

Cleaning itself.

Hard to see, but some deer running away, far out in the field.

One a bit closer.

Lots of pheasants on the road.

Flying in the field.

Street sign far out of town.

The gals.

Mom with the turkey.

It looks good.

Dad cutting it.

While I cut the deer sausage.

Another feast.

So much meat.

Ready to dig in.

Frost on the porch.

More deer running away.

Combine at sunrise.

Pheasants in the field.

More kitten petting.

And feeding.

Ogii holding the kitten outside.

Petting inside.

Watch the face.

Trying to get closer.

In the sun.

Ogii's turn.

Out walking for pheasants again.


A thick one.

Some on Ogii's eyebrows.

Walking some more.

Dad got a pheasant.

Walking along the fence.

All together.

Lines up perfectly with the sun.

Ogii thought we should walk into these weeds.

She was right; there was a pheasant in there.

I hit it, but it ran into this hole.

Good thing I was able to catch it.

Back home.

Their heads are so pretty.

The cats out sunning themselves.

Mom petting one.

Dad had got some geese.

Playing with the pheasant feathers.

Ogii's turn.

Lots of sausage and jerky to take home.

Pheasants walking on the road.


Tatanka license plate.

Monica likes eating at this pub.

Good food.

It's snowy out, but there weren't any flight delays.

Eating the sandwiches Mom packed on our trip back home.