2008 Nov 16 | St. Arnold Brewery, UFC/poker

The online Sunday night football only has about five different commercials for some reason, which gets old pretty quickly. Especially because most are truck ones, with trucks showing off abilities that 99% of their buyers will never, ever use.

"We prosecute ALL illegal activities and crimes." I bet not. I'm sure there are plenty of illegal things people might do on camera that they would never prosecute, like someone cheating on his taxes while sitting in his car waiting for the gas to fill.

Dr. Stephens brought in this orchid to show the class.

There are these square cutouts in the sidewalks with wooden squares fitted into them. I couldn't figure out what they were for.

If you lift up the wood, it's just concrete underneath it. I figured a hole or plug or at least something. How weird.

It looks like someone had an accident.

Arg, my dishwasher melted one of my favorite glasses. I have no idea how it got down to the bottom with the heating element; the gap is only an inch.

You can print double-sided at the UHCO library, but you have to do it manually by taking out the paper, putting it into the manual feed, and pressing the button. I'm always scared someone will print at the same time I hit the button and their stuff will print onto the back of mine, but that's never happened. The printer probably is programmed to prevent that, anyway, but there's always a little fear in the back of my mind.

My tires looked a little low, so I bought a tire pressure gauge and they were in the low to mid 20s when they're supposed to be in the low 30s. These little guys are scattered all over the place, though, so I just drove around until I found one. We'll see if I get any better gas mileage now.

St. Arnold Brewing Company (which everyone seems to get wrong as St. Arnold's, even though the 's isn't really in the name) was hosting the St. Andrew’s Day Ceilidh for the Houston Highland Games Association. There was a live band and some really good food.

And, of course, beer. I'd been wanting to try the different St. Arnold variations for a while, so it worked out great. They have beer tastings on Saturdays, but you only get to try a few of the beers and it's really crowded. Tonight, though, there wasn't a limit, so I just went down the line and tried them all. My favorite was probably the amber, but they also make a really good root beer. I still prefer Shiner Bock, though.

A Dairy Queen near my apartment still hasn't fixed their drive-through sign tipped over by the hurricane. I wonder if I could still dry by and yell into it to order or if the drive-through is simply closed.

I've always thought that if you're going to have a big truck, you should put it to good use every once in a while, and this guy also seems to believe that.

I usually go to school before 9am every day, even if we don't have class until later, just to get a parking spot. Sometimes our lab group doesn't have to be there until 1pm, though, so then I don't get there as early. If you arrive after about 9am, though, this parking lot is often full, in which case I have to park in the economy lot. The road I take on the way to school goes right by the main parking lot, but because of the trees and a little hill, I can never quite tell if it's full or not without actually driving in, even though every time I try to crane my neck around to see the back corner area that fills up last.

This light is also on the way to class. If you pull up to the line, you can't see the red or yellow lights without ducking down. You can see the green, so you can sit normally and wait until you see the green to go. However, I'm always worried the green light might not be working and I won't know the light changed, so I end up ducking down to see the red turn off or, if I can remember early enough, just avoid pulling up so far so I can still see the red.

Practicing BIO in the library on dummy heads with schematic eyes.

This intersection has three roads, so one is at a 45-degree angle to the others. That makes the lights somewhat confusing because you have to really look at them to figure out which road which light is for. Most intersections like this have some sort of blocker on the lights, but not this one.

I wonder if leaving the oven open to heat up the house a little more after baking rather than simply closing it actually saves any money.

Saturday night I went over to Bruce's to play poker and watch UFC 91: Brock Lesner vs Randy Couture, which was a lot of fun. After that I drove to a nightclub I was meeting some friends at. I stopped to fill up for gas on the way, though, and that's when the night got weird.

Just as I was about to drive away from the pump a woman came up and got my attention. I figured she just wanted some money, but she looked awfully harried, so I rolled down the window and asked her what was wrong. She said her boyfriend had just beaten her up and she needed a ride to a friend's. I was thinking it was probably just a lie to get change, but then I saw that she didn't have any shoes, had blood all over her feet and hands, bruises on her face, and probably a broken finger, so I told her to get in.

Her friend's house way all the way across town, so I kept asking her if she wanted to find a cop or go to a hospital instead, but she kept refusing and said she just wanted to go to her friend's. When we got there, though, it looked more like a crack house than the normal house I had assumed it would be, all the lights were out, and there was a giant gate across the front. That made me a little paranoid again; maybe it was a scheme to get me out of the car so all of her buddies hiding in the bushes could jump me. Then again, considering the shape she was in and where we had driven from, that seemed pretty unlikely, and the area was completely deserted.

She decided that since her friend wasn't home she could go to another friend's that was a few blocks away. Well, that was even farther into the ghetto, and when we got there, it seemed to be more of a run-down halfway house or something. She decided to stay there, and thankfully there was at least one guy who knew her, so she said thanks and I left. You always hear about people who live like that, but it's pretty surreal to actually see it personally.

After that, I still drove to the nighclub, HUSH, but I got there pretty late. I was still thinking over what I should have done differently with my previous temporary passenger, though, so I didn't do a whole lot of partying.

Ever have a pretty weird day, wake up the next morning, and wonder if it really happened, so you looked around for evidence? Well, the blood on the Jeep's passenger-side floor mat was my confirmation.

This movie theater is a crowded area, so you actually have to pay for parking unless you can get really lucky and find a spot along the road somewhere. Because of that, I usually don't go to this theater; the movie tickets themselves are expensive enough.