2023 Dec 05 | Pacific Grove Holiday at the Inns

Tuesday night was Holiday at the Inns in Pacific Grove. We stopped by the Chamber of Commerce office first to pick up our tickets.

Most of them were nearby, so we walked to the first ones. The Centrella Inn was the first stop.

Nice seating area.

One of the rooms.

Fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Live music.

There were a few other people there.

Hot apple cider.

Ogii enjoying it.

Backdoor patio.

Lots of lights on this building.

The second stop was the Gosby House.

Living room.

Old pictures.

More music.

Gingerbread house.



This one was named after the first major of Pacific Grove, a medical doctor.

Bench swing outside.

The third stop was the Seven Gables Inn.

Amazing stained glass window.

Main area.

More stained glass.



Going up to some of the rooms.

Neat old pictures.

Lovers Point room.

With a great view of the ocean.

More stained glass.

Back yard.


A room in the back building.

And another.

Nice bed.

And a cool bed crown.

Another stained glass window.

From the north.

Decorated tree in Jewel Park.

Fourth stop was St. Marys by the Sea Episcopal Church.


Beatiful wood.

And stained glass.

Information on the stained glass windows.

This one is neat when the light comes around Mary's head.

Fifth stop was the Old St. Angela Inn.

Garden area.


Crow's Nest room.

Very cozy.

Another room.

The bathroom.

Cookie muffins.

Walkway outside.

Sixth stop was the Green Gables Inn.

Very white inside.




Seventh stop was the Martine Inn.


Musiscians on some old instruments.

Dining room.

Lots of old silver kitchenware.

A room to watch for whales with binoculars.


Neat light.

Another room.

And another.

Entertainment room.

Some antiques.

Old piano.


Outside tables with an ocean view.

Eighth stop was Pacific Grove Inn.

Another quartet.



A day at the beach in the early 1900s.


Ninth and final stop was Asilomar's Phoebe Hearst Social Hall.

A tree and gingerbread houses.

They are quite large.

And detailed.

The lodge was our favorite.

The hall.


There was a small store which sold a variety of items, including these cards.

Made by Ramona Lowe, a local artist.

Video of some of the musicians.