2023 Dec 22 | 8-Bit Christmas movie, Chateau Coralini, Mongolian Golden Gala

This car had Christmas lights around its back window.

This crane had a Christmas tree hanging from it.

This Chevy's had only half of its letters lit up.

Great bread with fruit and nuts.

Cool clouds.

I think these meters will let you put money in and won't tell you that you don't have to pay, so some nice person put a little sign on it.

We had lunch at MidiCi.

Good Italian food.

Very neat bathroom.

And fun wall sign.

Neat mural.

Watching the 8-Bit Christmas movie.

It has so many things I remember from being a kid in the 80s. King of the Hill on snow piles.

Face washes with snow.

The Power Glove.

And how badly it controlled most games.

Listening to school snow closures...

... and desperately hoping they would mention yours.

Selling wreaths for scouts.

Fights in stores for the most-wanted Christmas toys.

The World Book Encyclopedia.

Roller skating.

Baseball cards.

Baseball cards gum.

The Diarrhea song.

Calculator watches.


Chia Pets.

Ogii's work had a gift exchange.

Many nice items.

A paint and sip event at a local taphouse.

Diane on Cheers got this wrong. And she pronounced Pierre wrong, too.

Double rainbow.

A section with cool clouds.

Light color gradient behind clouds.

We didn't have any hot water today.

I checked on YouTube for possible problems.

Looks like our pilot light is out, and I can't get it to restart.

So we called to get it fixed, but as we needed to shower, we booked a rooma at the nearby Chateau Coralini for the night.

Nice entrance.

Stairs to the wine cellar.

The wine cellar.

Billiards room.

Our room was very nice.

And the bathroom was wonderful.

I like how many places are going to shampoo and body wash in containers instead of individual bars of soap.

Except the heater wasn't working.

So we had to use a portable one.

Ogii staying warm after a shower.

Watching football and eating Wienerschnitzel for dinner. They didn't have a table for eating in the room, so we used the mini fridge as one.

Nice back yard.

Some of the homes nearby had Christmas lights up.

These blowups are getting very popular.

I like the Star Wars ones.

Although I also like the more traditional decorations.

Especially when they're very simple.

They couldn't fix the water heater, so they completely replaced it.

We drove up to Albany for the Mongolian Golden Gala.

The hostess' dress was amazing.

The oldest man there gave a speech.

Time to open the champagne.


Lots of drinks at each table.

Father Winter let a group of little girls out.

They performed some dances.

Everyone watching.

They got some goodie bags afterwards.

Then this woman came out to sing, and some couples danced.

They're very happy.

The kids had pizza.

While the adults had an amazing buffet.

The cooks worked long and hard to make it all.

It was all so good.

The women who choreographed the girls' dances then did their own dance.

Then time for everyone to dance.

Getting down.

One final picture.

A video.