2024 Jan 02 | NCL Pride of America Hawaii cruise - Big Island, Hilo (Volcanoes National Park, pool volleyball)

Today we're docking at Hilo on the east side of the Big Island.

It's still dark out, so the bow camera can't see much.

Lots of bacon.


The staff selling $3 ponchos.

Getting off.

The side of the ship.

All of the different meeting areas for the booked tours.

We're doing our own exploring. As is this couple who lives in Hawaii but uses the cruise to go island to island to play golf.

Just a quick Lyft ride to the rental car.

Picking up our Jeep.

This Subway has a Santa climbing up the side on the left.

Map of the two major volcanoes.

The road to Mauna Loa is closed near the top.

We drove to Kilauea.

Steam vents.

Us by the crater.

Different hikes.

Stopping at the lava tube.

At the entrance.

Ready to go in.

Some places its a bit low.

And back out again.

At the exit.

It's a short walk.

Bright flower.

Then onto the Chain of Craters Road, which goes to the ocean and has lots of lava by the sides.

There are a few outlooks along the upper ridge.

Mom checking out the view.

Down the hill.

You can see the old lava paths.

I like driving through the mounds of lava.

The ocean.

Early lunch.

Flowers by lava.

Very bright.

Be careful near the edge.

With the Holei Sea Arch in the background.

Ogii throwing some milk.

Back up.

At another one of the lookouts.

Ogii and me.

It's always busy near the lava tube.

Back on the boat just in time for the pool volleyball.

The water was a bit cool.

It was five guests.

Versus five staff.

Everyone on our team was great at serving, which helped a ton.

Also good at blocking.

The staff did OK.

But we beat them pretty easily.

A video.

Suite snacks.

There was a Mario Kart challenge.

Although it was a newer version, not the N64 one.

Ogii working a bit from the comfort of her bed.

While I plan out the next day on the Freestyle.



The back upper lounge area.

We ate at the Brazilian churrascaria for dinner.

They had two cocktails.

Might as well try them both.

Mom tasting them.

Don't fill up at the salad bar; save room for the meat.

We don't need this side for a while.

That's better; keep the meat coming.

Some sides, including my favorite: cheese bread.

Monica getting some meat.



And Mom.


One of my favorites...

... the pineapple.

I like to leave a little piece of each so I can remember which is my favorite and ask for more of that.


Carvings in the buffet.


A chef with the pig.