2024 Jan 03 | NCL Pride of America Hawaii cruise - Big Island, Kona (farmers market, snorkeling, Perfect Couple, Glow Party)


Monica has some big teeth.

The tenders going go and from shore.

We went to the Beach Shop to pick up towels, but it wasn't open yet.

It's supposed to open at 7am, but it didn't open until 7:04am.

Another benefit of being in a suite that we didn't use: we're supposed to meet here and be first in line for the tenders.

However, that's only after 9am or something like that; if it's earlier, you get off with everyone else. Probably because there's basically no line that early.

Getting on the tender.

And off.

At Kailua Bay.

To the west, a small bay with lots of fishermen with the Kamakahonu National Historic Landmark in the back.

To the east, a larger bay.

Huge tree.

Us under it.

Close up.

Hula dancers.

Colorful flowers.

A big Christmas tree.

Scandinavian Shave Ice, although it wasn't open yet.

ABC Store which welcomes cruise ship passengers.

Captain Dan and the Mermaid.

Old gas pumps.

A marketplace.

Super-cheap snorkel sets.

Another shopping area.

One store was open.

A coffee care.

I love chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.

Nice view.

Some bright birds.

Us with the ship in the back.

Rock with lots of holes.

A few small rock cairns.

So many of the stores are still empty.

That's a cool one, though.

A farmer's market.

Lots of fruit.

Cute purses.

Colorful sarongs.

Handcrafted jewelry by Sally Hale.

I love these earrings.

I bought one of these lava rock bracelets.

Other vendors had many mass-produced products.

These coconut-shell purses were neat.

Food here.

Really good chips and bread.

Another shopping area.

Cool tower.

More shops.

With mass-produced lava bracelets. Cheaper than the hand-made one I bought, but not quite as nice.

Along with cheap t-shirts.

Hulihee Palace, built in 1838 by the governor. You can see through the front door to the ocean behind it.

Ogii by the front gate.

Niumalu Beach.

Monica getting a picture of the ship through the rocks.

Fun little tourist car.

Big local pickup.

The fish is drinking water from the eavestrough.

Some musicians back by the dock.

Ogii and Monica.

About to snorkel in Kailua Bay.

Mom and I went as well.

A couple of fish.

A bunch of them.

Yellow ones.

Ogii and me.

I think that's a puffer fish, although it never puffed up.

Sea urchins. The current was really strong, so Monica had to help pull Ogii back to shore, and I did the same for Mom. Unfortunately, Mom stepped on a sea urchin at some point.

The other smaller side of the bay.

Ogii and me.

This tree looks like it's about to fall down.

The Kamakahonu National Historic Landmark.

A little mall.

With shave ice.

Lots of different flavors.

Ogii drinking some on the tender back to the ship.

Uh oh, got some on her nose.

Go faster; the shave ice is melting.

Mom with them.

Ogii and Mom in an elevator with a nice window.


Some food by the pool area.


We got some extra lemons since we read online that those might help dissolve the urchin spines in Mom's foot.

Hopefully it will help some.

Ogii and I went to an event called snowball catapult.

I thought we would be shooting actual snowballs off of the ship with a catapult of some kind, but it was actually making a tiny catapult out of tongue depressors and then shooting a little puffball with them.

Ogii testing hers out.

Nobody else showed up, and Ogii's went farther than mine, so Ogii won.

The Cadillac Diner.


Someone parasailing.

Our daily snacks for the suite.

Playing a Mongolian card game. Ogii doesn't seem to like her hand.

This round, I loved mine.

That afternoon was a kukui nut lei making class.

We each got a little bag.

Demonstrating what to do.

Much easier than the ribbon leis.

All done.

Afterwards you could buy additional lei-making bags.


Nuts and such.

All different types.

We ate dinner in the Liberty Restaurant.







Pretty room.



And another.

And another.


The suite at the back of the boat has a good view for this.

Monica, Dad, and me.



Relaxing in one of the cabanas.

The ship at night.

Fruit carving at the buffet.

Palm tree and hut.

Kissing birds.

Ice sculpture.

All dressed up for the Glow Party.

Although first was the Perfect Couple game show.

Selecting three couples.

Getting an orange up.

Without using their hands.

Uh oh, it fell back down.

She's shocked, he's intrigued.

There they go.

Putting the pole into the toilet paper roll.

Moving the lemon from one pant leg to the other.

They always bring out a pineapple as a joke for the third couple.

But his shorts were loose enough she actually did it.

And finally, balloon popping.

A few video clips.

The arcade.

They had a few air hockey tables, but the pucks were missing.

Ogii shooting hoops.

And playing skee ball.

A pianist.

Onto the Glow Party.

It used to be the White Party, so a lot of people still wear white for it.


A video.