2024 Jan 04 | NCL Pride of America Hawaii cruise - Kauai - north (Kauapea (Secret) Beach, Haena State Park)

Watching the sunrise from the back of the ship.

It's a colorful one.


The other side, with a small light house and a resort with a golf course.

Rowers out early.

All of us.


We had breakfast at Skyline.

Not many people yet.

Lots of images of city skylines.

And glass etchings.

A few small bites first.


And then onto the main meals.



A flag.

The port.

I didn't get this yesterday.

Better late than never.

Map of the island.

The Enterprise at the airport gets great reviews.

The Budget, not so much.

Mostly because sometimes it takes forever to get your car. Unfortunately, we rented from Budget. I hope we don't wait too long.

Bit of a line to get out.

They found a duck.

This way to everything.

I wonder how these Jeeps were right there, especially as they were inside the security perimeter.

Everyone else took shuttles to the airport to get rental cars.

Except the golfing couple, who went out to get a rideshare.

You had to wait for the right company shuttle.

There's ours.

They plan to go in or near the water today.

We got lucky; there was no line at all at Budget.

Our Jeep.

Headed north.

Tons of palm trees.

Whale mural at this shopping center.

Slate coasters.

Food trucks.

A beach.

Some funny stuff in their front yard.

Kilauea Point.

The lighthouse there.

There are official, "Slow, nene crossing" signs and also unofficial ones.

A couple of older babies.

A whole bunch of babies. I bet the dad has to get a second job to afford all of those.

A pony peeking through the grass.

Bus stop mural.

The Grinch on a boat in their yard.

The next stop was Secret Beach. Parking was just along the side of the road.

They had some of these huge spiders. I wonder why they make the one strand to each side thicker?

There's a big house to the right.

And a path to the left.

Which wraps around.

Be careful; the ocean has taken hundreds here.

A view of the beach.

Down a steep...

... and bumpy trail.

Gotta duck under this fallen tree.

Almost there.

A little swing.

Monica went south.

Ogii and I headed north.

Walking along the edge of the water.

You could see the Kilauea Point lighthouse.

There were some surfers.

Catching a wave.

Riding along a curl.

I hope we can find the trail back up.

It' next to this float.

I wonder if these are the shoes of the people who are there now or if they were left there by others.

Dodging roots on the way.

Made it to the top.

Back to the nice house.

More cars there now.

There was a bit of a wait due to one-way traffic because of construction.

Some kayakers.

Selling used surf boards.

The parking lot for the Haena State Park shuttle.

You can drive on your own, but the tickets sell out almost instantly, so we took the shuttle bus instead.

There's free wifi.

There are a few different stops. I had planned to stop at each as we went, starting with the market and ending with the park, but the shuttles were completely packed, so if we would have gotten off on an earlier stop, we wouldn't have been able to get back on a shuttle. So instead, we rode it all the way to the end.

One-way bridge.

Five to seven cars at a time each way.

A beach.

Another with some surfers.

At the last stop: Haena State Park.

Shuttles every 20 minutes.


A walking path.

Headed out.

Lots of ponds.

Then into the trees.

No snorkeling? That's the main reason we came.

So many warnings.

Check with the lifeguards before going into the water to ask if it's safe.

Nobody was actually in the water today, so it must be unsafe.

Many areas require reservations for visitors but not for locals.

The Kalalau trail.

More warning signs.

You can hike just a bit or a lot.

More warnings.

Up we go.

Some spots were a bit slippery.

And steep.

A view of Ke'e Beach.


At the bottom, two people who were finishing the hike gave their walking sticks to two people who were starting the hike.

Always chickens.

Time to head back.

Through the trees.

And then the ponds.

You have to check in to get on the next shuttle.

Some people in this pond.

Many vines.

Stopping for lunch.

The food truck had lots of good bread.

And fruits.

This guy was cutting coconuts.


Crinkled Hawaiian soda top.

Nice park area.

Chicken and her baby.

The beach.

Also no swimming.

"Aloha" from sticks.

Don't wash your feet in the sink.

Even going back, the shuttles were packed. Monica had to wait and take the next one.

More beaches on the way back.

And another.

Palm tree sticking out.

Some surfers.

The Mystery Van.

Bit of a wait at the one-way road for construction again.

Very green plain and mountains.

Live aloha.

Sea creatures mural.


Someone waterboarding.

The airport says, "Aloha" on one side...

... and "Mahalo" on the other.

A park near the cruise port.

And a beach.

Some shops nearby.

Even more.

Mostly touristy stuff.

Across this little bridge.

To the Harbor Mall.

Some food trucks here.

The mall over there.

Lots of little shops.

Ogii "surfing."

A photography studio by by Abe Kowitz. Some he even prints on wood, which is really neat.

The prices are reasonable.

A nice sentiment.

Back to the ship.

Some water before you board.

They're throwing out lots of trash.

And cleaning the ship.

Tomorrow's Freestyle.

Other side.

Getting close to the end of the cruise.

Fruit carvings.


A mouse.




We had a great view from our balcony.

Me and Ogii.

Pretty colors.